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  • Hi, everyone.

  • I'm you lanky.

  • Ha!

  • No, thank you for joining us.

  • It is 8 p.m. On the East Coast on the first.

  • Polls are now closed in tonight's Democratic presidential contests.

  • CBS News projects Former vice president Joe Biden will win the primary in Mississippi.

  • Missouri is also leaning for the former vice president.

  • Most polls are also closed in the battleground state of Michigan.

  • The rest will close in just under an hour.

  • Voters in those three states, as well as Washington, Idaho, in North Dakota, all cast ballots.

  • Today, 352 delegates are at stake, with 80% of them coming from Washington, Missouri and Michigan.

  • Joe Biden currently leads Bernie Sanders in the overall delegate count.

  • More than 1/3 of all delegates have already been allocated.

  • 1991 are needed to become the Democratic nominee.

  • But fears of the Corona virus are impacting the race.

  • Both Sanders and Biden campaign's cancelled rallies in Cleveland tonight.

  • Voters in Ohio are set to head to the polls next Tuesday.

  • Let's bring in Antoine See right Kaitlin, Hughey, Byrnes, Leslie Sanchez and Molly Hooper.

  • Antoine is a CBS News political contributor and Democratic strategist.

  • Caitlyn is a CBS End political reporter.

  • Leslie is a CBS News political analyst and Republican strategist, and Molly is it CBS News political contributor.

  • All right, welcome to you all.

  • Let's talk about Mississippi.

  • Our CBS News exit polling shows this city.

  • The Joe Biden clinched 91% of voters who said they wanted a candidate who will unite the country.

  • He also gained 86% support from those who call themselves moderates of Caitlin.

  • What does that tell us about his campaign and his strategy?

  • You see, 86% want to return to Obama policies, and that's something that Joe Biden has been talking about, especially as he campaigns in the South, especially as he talks to African American voters who are key to the Democratic primary.

  • And this is just another example that Joe Biden can show to show that he has this broad base of support needed to secure the nomination.

  • What do you see in those number?

  • What's the African American speaking?

  • Very loud and clear.

  • I think 2/3 of the people who showed up in Mississippi looked like me.

  • That was more than South Carolina.

  • More than Virginia and Maur than North Carolina.

  • So therefore, I think when you think about the policy agenda people want to return to under the first African American leader of the free world, it speaks very live volumes.

  • In that end of the day, I've always said this and I keep saying this.

  • Two things.

  • The South will have something to say.

  • Quarter 103,000 number two African American voters will be the nerve center of what the coalition looks like to secure a Democratic nominee.

Hi, everyone.

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