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(chuckles) What is this?
I've seen this. I love this.
-Oh, I saw this! -We saw...
We chained our hearts in vain
We jumped, never asking why...
-We kissed-- -Miley Cyrus looks pretty good here.
-under your spell, a love-- -(laughs)
-no one could deny. -Oh my god.
-(laughs) -Don't you ever say...
-This is so disturbing! -I just walked away...
-I will always love you. -Ewww. That is not natural.
-I can't live a lie... -I think is Omegle.
-running for my life... -It's amazing.
-The confidence he has in himself. -I will always want you.
It's so romantic!
I came in like a wrecking ball...
-That booty though. -Yeah, I just...
-closed my eyes and swung... -Eww!
-Left me crashing-- -(laughs)
How did he hang that?!
All you ever did was wreck me!
-Yeah, you wreck me! -I like how people are singing along.
They're just like, "I don't even care."
-I never meant to start a war... -Oh. (cracks up)
-This guy is like, "What?! What?!" -Just wanted you to let me in...
-Don't you ever say-- -They're, like, matching. They're, like, twinning.
-They look the same. -I will always want you.
-I came in like a wrecking ball-- -NOOO! No. No, no, no way.
Abstain! (laughs)
You've got a lot of issues, showing me stuff like this!
-(cracks up) -All you ever did was...
-wreck me. -Okay, his clothes are back on.
Oh no!
Oh oh!
Oh! Did it just fall? hah hah!
His mom and his dad must be really proud of him.
All you ever did was wreck me...
I don't want my parents seeing me watching this!
-Yeah, you wreck... -(chuckles) His face.
That was so awesome!
I never want to watch that again.
Children, this is why you never go on chatroulette.
(Finebros) Okay, first word that comes to mind, explaining your emotions.
I'm disturbed!
What?! What?
Ew! That was so nasty!
(Finebros) How would you describe the guy in the video?
Brave, crazy.
Amoralist man.
I give him all the props I possibly could.
I give him props for doing it alone.
Usually when you have a friend with you you're more inclined
to do something like that.
He needs to shave and shower and buy some, like, clothes.
He definitely has a different set of ideals than I do.
A different set of standards.
I wouldn't have been able to pull that off.
No matter what you gave me.
Child molester. But in a nice way.
He looks like a nice child molester! (laughs)
(Finebros) If you were on that site and a guy appears
naked on a wrecking ball, what do you do?
I'd give him a thumbs up.
I would've gone with it.
I would've gone with it. No doubt.
I'd totally get naked too!
I would obviously join in. I would.
I'd go find a wrecking ball as fast as I could
and come back and continue with him.
Well I wouldn't even be on there in the first place!
Next. Right away. (laughs) Right away.
I'd close my computer and be like, "Ah no! Not again!"
If I just saw a naked guy swinging on a yoga ball,
I'm not going to be like, "Hold on. Let's talk to him."
(Finebros) Would you be okay with him your reaction
and uploading it to YouTube?
Well you guys upload my reactions to YouTube. So yeah.
(Finebros) Why do people like to go on these cam sites?
I don't know. I do it too, but I don't know why.
Cuz' they're perverts? I don't even know!
There's people that are really bored and then there's
the trolls that like trolling the bored people.
Cuz' they're so much fun!
It's a great way to meet people if you're actually into meeting people.
Or it's a good way to mess with people if you're into messing with people.
Everyone knows that, like, people will do some not appropriate things on it.
But I like to think that people just want someone to talk to!
(Finebros) Typically, what do you end finding on there most of the time?
You find a lot of...masturbating guys.
-[bleep]. -(Finebros laughs)
[bleep], [bleep], [bleep]. Penises and then [bleep].
One person who's normal. And then a bunch of penises. That's it.
Talking to that one person from across the world is totally worth it!
(Finebros) What version of the Wrecking Ball music video do you prefer?
His or Miley's?
Uhhhhhh.....he didn't shave. Miley.
None. (laughs)
His, obviously!
I really like his. (laughs) Sorry, Miley!
Oh, wait! Have you seen the G. Major one?
Have you guys seen the Nicholas Cage version?
I think that one's the best. Hands down.
(Finebros) What do you think Miley Cyrus thinks of this video?
To be honest, I think she might be okay with it.
She probably thinks he's making fun of her musical talent.
She could be all butt hurt over it and be like,
"Oh! Why is someone doing this?!"
That's what Miley Cyrus sounds like, by the way.
It's promoting her song, so I'm sure she's pretty happy about it.
(Finebros) Have any idea who the guy is?
No! Is he even a famous YouTuber or did he just make that?
I've actually seen him! I saw him in Venice. I met him.
He does, um, songs in real life.
He's done these really awesome videos.
Songs in real life.
I watched it a while ago. Those are pretty funny as well.
(Finebros) This guy's name is Steve and he makes
YouTube videos where he typically is messing with people in public.
Ooooh. Okay. So he doesn't just do it randomly.
He's actually into it.
(Finebros) He did this last year to the song Call Me Maybe.
Oh, I think I saw that one.
I remember that now! That guy!
(Finebros) He now has over 4 million subscribers!
(Finebros) Why are people subscribing when they see videos like this?
Holy [bleep]. What's he going to do next?
Well they like his bod!
Because, hopefully, you see him do it again.
People like crazy things. Things that don't make sense.
He gives no [bleep]s! He gives absolutely no [bleep]s.
I respect that so much!
(Finebros) So this video is one of the most viewed videos of the entire 2013.
Oh my gosh. That's crazy.
(Finebros) The video has almost 100 million views.
Yeah, lets go! Let's go, Steve!
This guy is doing something right.
That means people have watched that more than five times at least.
I don't know if you're lucky or there's a YouTube Illuminati
that like, spreads this out.
If you search "Wrecking Ball" this will come up, like, number one now.
So he's getting views from that.
That is impressive!
But, like, it also makes me think about society today.
Why would you guys watch that? Why?
(Finebros) So last question: Why are so many people watching and sharing this?
Because it's hysterical!
Personally, I feel like people would just troll.
I'd be like, "Watch this video!"
And they'd click on it and see a man who's in skimpy clothing.
And they're like, "Whoa! What the heck, man?!"
It probably has a lot to do with making fun of Miley Cyrus.
About Miley Cyrus. Everyone's talking about her so they start laughing.
Because he's naked on a wrecking ball!
That's like...that's like...I don't even know what to say!
That's the funniest thing that I've ever seen!
Thanks for watching another episode of Teens React.
If you want to watch more, click on the bonus video below.
Let us know what videos we should react to next in the comments.
Thank you so much. I actually had fun.
Alright, guys! For my goodbye, I'm going to take off my shirt
and swing on a wrecking ball! Anyone? Benny? Rafi? No?
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Teens React to Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)

5270 Folder Collection
楊登翔 published on January 26, 2014
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