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  • Go, go, Go!

  • Or nines.

  • 38 um, Alex Davis, 16 from Bristol.

  • And today I got my G c t results.

  • But nine months ago, I was involved in a football accident.

  • Planning goal for Children under 16 against plumber Andi.

  • Um, I ended up with a fractured skull.

  • Broken eye socket in a brain bleed.

  • Um, Andi, I was in hospital for three weeks.

  • I was in an induced coma on the intensive care unit in a bad way for a couple of weeks.

  • Andi.

  • Yeah.

  • Today got me results for its not being a straightforward with it all.

  • Really family, friends, school.

  • It'll help me loads, um and yes, being just the really positive experience in the end somehow, Um, yeah.

  • Speech this with these results as well.

  • Ended up with four nines, three eights and on a star.

  • So yes, Still not still now in shock.

  • Really?

  • It's just these I'd never thought, considering when I was in hospital, there was sort of when I was in the Cayman, those dates of the where I'd be able to walk again, and then what sort of came reigned?

  • Those dates, whether I do the exams or have to wait another year.

  • Um, it's just I don't know what sound.

  • It's just stunned and never thought was possible.

  • Sort of eight months ago when I was in that hospital bed.

  • So, yeah, I'm going on to do a levels in maths.

  • Further last physics and history at ST Brendan's and then hopefully on to university.

  • Um, I'm just grew from there and just see how we get on, really.

Go, go, Go!

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