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  • vision that way went ahead with this project is that I really believe in tradition.

  • We believe that there is a great potential with no to him photos what we would like to do.

  • You should take it step by step.

  • Protection Bill is a very important project on everybody's looking for this position.

  • So what guys are way off, what they have done in my life?

  • It hasn't been easy.

  • But whatever I have done so far who have been tumbling business minister palette of pioneers will be, of course, more in Greece and in Europe.

  • So why not witness with converters when you took over nothing and forest talk waas stability.

  • No more managers going all the time.

  • But a few managers have come and gone.

  • Since you have been in charge of the football club, how confident are you that that is now a thing of the past, that you have several a mushi in charge?

  • What we are obliged to do just do the best for our If that means that we need to make a change, I would do it on dhe, you know, for us way Want to find the manager who will give extra strength to the thing.

  • Come back where it belongs and whatever it takes, we'll do it.

  • Stability is very important.

  • What a day about abilities.

  • Only with the monitors, the players with the set ground with everybody around.

  • The technical thing.

  • You have made this investment for the longer on.

  • It's not only the investment for the long term is because I have a question.

  • What I do, you can see it here.

  • You can see it all around by the ears and you can see in our business.

  • You can see it everywhere, so way want to do that in no time in doctor is very important.

  • But after so many years, not importers.

  • Hasn't bean in immediately.

  • Don't be a dick to have a good run in Premier League, and what I want to change is in the mid ality.

  • Even for players off our technical team, even her supporters, well, shouldn't be happening with small things and say it doesn't matter would play better than the next much.

  • No, we'll play better in this much and we'll win and I think that this is very good chance of fidelity and this is something that I'm looking for what to do.

  • How involved are you at Nottingham Forest?

  • Because obviously oh, I hear a lot of time.

  • I spent a lot of time in that.

  • You're gay inhabitants come every month on, of course that not many times.

  • And, of course, from London, of course, way do continues meetings and supervise but a lot of business and you're here only delegate way.

  • Trust some people and they go forward with what we have a great finally from me and thank you for talking to us.

  • One of the goals this season, then is it promotional bust for several a mushi and forest is that again?

  • It's not easy and that's it said.

  • I don't want to promise status.

  • I want to deliver.

  • We have to get some good players, You have the guts and I'm confident that we can do it.

  • It was a bit frustrating last year because of last season, no comforters in the difficult matters with strong opponents, but from very well.

  • And it was very frustrating that we missed points even with teams that they were relegated from the division.

vision that way went ahead with this project is that I really believe in tradition.

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