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  • So what do you do when your face particularly new contract.

  • First thing you have to do is that then if I don't figure in decline Zits.

  • Hi.

  • My name's Gordon Sullivan.

  • This is another one of the 35 exchanging, and the first thing we need to do is look at what are inclined is a small or a medium, a large client that Mrs McKinnon, if they're not small, then they're gonna be medium or not.

  • Also, to be small, they have to be.

  • I'm gonna qualify on two different things.

  • The first thing is, have they gone less than 15?

  • Louise, That said it messing with these one.

  • But this has to be worldwide.

  • But a lot of people miss.

  • That has to be the whole Gord.

  • They work for a small, absent store they worked for a subsidiary of a company is only got 15 people here in 96 people in another medal in So you know, 100 people in Australia or no 700 people in America don't be 15 people here.

  • It was still qualify as not under 50 employees.

  • Next one is a turnover under 10 million global.

  • Right?

  • This is not just the UK base globally, and the 3rd 1 is that you have met assets on the branches off under five million, give or take, I give you this one thing you can always check on.

  • It has to be before the officer of any liability.

  • So it's the gross net assets that we're looking at.

  • So if they find two of those in the past, those limits on two of them, they qualifies the next one below over melty in there and small.

  • And so, if they are small, you got a judge whether you are renal out of my 35 and if you're getting wrong, you're the one who's liable in your world.

  • It Britney come to you for tax and national insurance and penalties and interest is going to be use response.

  • The other hand, if its launch, they are responsible and they're going to give you a decision in writing as to that they consider you to be inside are 35 and why they believe that it's all gonna be in writing that is gonna be passed down to is going to go from the incline down through the agencies involved.

  • You okay?

  • And if that doesn't happen, somewhere where the chain is broken is going to be viable.

  • You may still end up with a problem, but initially, the road is going to go to these bigger companies and bigger agencies.

  • And if they can't get it from them, that may come to you Still, so your risk is still high.

  • But that's how this thing plays up.

  • Hopefully that helps Andi, I look forward.

  • Thio helping you.

  • If you have another 35 Fisher, you've got a company that needs to deal with it.

  • I'll speak to you soon, okay?

So what do you do when your face particularly new contract.

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