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  • It's a lovely day in Ballarat.

  • I'm kicking back thinking off you.

  • I hear that you've been poorly.

  • I am sorry that you're feeling who I know what it's like when you're feeling a little shitty.

  • You just want to curl up on anybody do in a day.

  • But a lot of people here, Really, Monsieur Georgie, you really think you ought to just get on a way all I just want you to come home, Cardinal.

  • I know you're not feeling well and came much fun, so I think you should come home.

  • Card Come down from yourself down.

  • It's just right.

  • Then way.

  • Have a right to know.

  • I couldn't see what was under your nose.

  • Georgia, back in 73 when you 11 with Jerry is true that you knew.

  • But you chose to know didn't actively trying to keep it buried.

  • Years later, when survival, despite the shame of their fear, stood up to tell their stories, working hard to protect the church's assets.

  • I mean, with all due was back.

  • Dude, I think you're scum card.

  • I know you well.

  • Perhaps you just need some sun.

  • It's lovely here.

  • You should come home.

  • You pompous by phone as nice and just do it soon, I hear told in on Belle and it has a 1,000,000.

  • Now I wanna be Sparrow here, George, under the greatest fan of your religion, And I personally buy those cover up abuse should go to prison.

  • But you're and Nicole hypocrisy your intellectual acuity on your arrogance.

  • Don't bother me as much as the fact that you have turned out to be such a goddamn calendar.

  • Wait sponte in hell with your name on it.

  • And so I suggest you come and then go home.

  • Car?

  • Well, the pump in Ballarat.

  • They just want to be around chat.

  • I know you.

  • I didn't know, I think.

  • Oh, Cardinal Pell.

  • My lawyer just rang me to tell me this song could get me in legal trial.

It's a lovely day in Ballarat.

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