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  • Welcome to the broadcast.

  • Our sign language interpreter tonight is Marissa.

  • Already tonight's the country's last remaining white derives are normal porches of killed Kanye's on Lee White female giraffe in our CAF in the Jonah in the county of Garissa, skeletons of the extremely rare animals were discovered by rangers and community members at the Bean in here, Ola Community Conservancy.

  • After a four day such amends unclear when exactly the animals were killed.

  • Katie and Sweeter Tina begins our broadcast tonight with tarring legs and long necks.

  • Giraffes are the tallest mammals and largest ruminants animals that spend most of their lives standing up.

  • They have beautiful sported coats and, just like a human beings.

  • Fingerprints.

  • No.

  • Two giraffes off the Sim Parton features that have booked the giraffe a slot on the tourist least off favorite wild animals.

  • And so, when a giraffe or sported with extra attributes, it was a one life wonder.

  • The discovery of the white female giraffe, the only one in the country in August 2017 dazzled wildlife lovers.

  • It hit the headlines and put they shot Beanie here, Ola Community Conservancy on the global map.

  • When the white female giraffe gave bath in 2019 prospects off Kenya increasing the number of the rare species seemed high.

  • But now the country has lost the one of its kind female giraffe and her cough following days over such the mother and cow for discovered in a skeletal state by rangers and community members.

  • They should be here, Ola community Conservancy manager Mohammad Ahmed Nouri, in a statement, said.

  • The killing is a blow to tremendous efforts to conserve the unique species.

  • Initially, the white giraffe was labeled, especially Albie.

  • No research has showed that what giraffes are not.

  • Alby knows they suffer from a genetic condition known as luces.

  • Um would prevent skin cells from producing pigment, but allow other organs like eyes to be dark colored.

  • They should be here.

Welcome to the broadcast.

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