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  • Hey, I'm Vanessa.

  • I'm Josh from the night before Christmas.

  • Today we're answering 12 questions of Christmas Christmas trees.

  • I always say Christmas in my personal life like Christmas.

  • So I hear Christmas and I think Christmas Christmas was like fun and warm and cozy and family and just small and intimate.

  • Uh, when I was a kid, Christmas, Just a time for seeing friends and, uh, enjoying the Christmas spirit.

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is probably making mold wine and our little special Christmas cocktail, which is just a fireball whiskey and sparkling apple cider.

  • Martinelli's We're decorating the Christmas Tree.

  • I love decorating the Christmas tree, putting all the ornaments up and saying all these things that you've collected from over the years.

  • It's just so special.

  • Christmas tradition is going for a walk in the marshes with my brothers.

  • Sure, I have 100% re gifted things.

  • I just sent a lot of things and they're nice things, and sometimes I don't always need them.

  • So then I can get them.

  • I think that's still a great gift.

  • I can't say I have yet.

  • Yeah, look at that.

  • My favorite was so smoothly apart from this one is probably the other night before Christmas.

  • I start watching it in, like September, and it goes all the way through January.

  • My Christmas babies from the Elf.

  • It's another great one.

  • If I was sent it for a day, I surprised everyone.

  • It's a tough game.

  • That's my job.

  • I don't know kids who don't have families.

  • Hey, this size, that's what I wouldn't want to off, man, I got a heart.

  • One year was really special.

  • I received an engraved glass crystal there.

  • Yeah, Crystal.

  • Where much repeat you on it?

  • Well, yeah.

  • I had a map of the coordinates of matching teacher.

  • Did you go too much heat?

  • You know, like I love the bow's Bluetooth wireless headphones.

  • I feel like I have a pretty received them.

  • Yeah, and I'm like, That's just a great present for anyone and everyone throwing reindeer food.

  • You do it Christmas Eve, and you put, um, oatmeal like dried oats and a ton and ton of glitter, and then you take it outside and then you throw it for the reindeers, but you have to take pictures after throwing it, and it's coming down and you have to make the best day ever day face.

  • So you end up with, like, the most incredible photographs that you can look back in the years to come.

  • And then the reindeer have food.

  • In my house, we weigh do unusual Christmas trees.

  • Last year we were always trying to think of the most adventurous Christmas tree positioning that we can.

  • Last year we did a rocket Christmas tree, so he had the tree hanging from the ceiling, and we put tinsel coming out of the bottom of it as if it was a flying rocket.

  • So maybe you could try that something similar.

  • It's such a hard question.

  • Christmas is such a special time, and I feel like each year you make new special memories.

  • I don't know.

  • I just love sitting around the Christmas tree with my family and opening up presents and watching them open up presents that I've gotten for them and having family time.

  • Miss my favorite.

  • It's all about family, really isn't have enjoyed that in the best drinking and eating with my folks.

  • Yeah, I would get the socks to my mom.

  • She loves socks.

  • I would give the band AIDS to my sister because she is quite clumsy.

  • And I would give the hot chocolate to my boyfriend because he loves chocolate.

  • I would give the hot chocolate to my mom on Dhe.

  • I'd probably keep the band aids for myself because they useful.

  • And I put the socks on my cat.

  • Uh, you spread the Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear.

  • That's it.

  • Thank you, guys.

  • So much for watching.

  • Please don't forget to watch our film the night before Christmas only on Netflix.

Hey, I'm Vanessa.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse Play 12 Questions of Christmas

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