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Okay, now.
Thought we've got a breast breast.
Did I tell you what made me say that?
Come back here.
Come back here.
Come back here.
It's those best British male.
I think it's what I was trying to say.
Now, Robbie's one of the last couple of years and he's up for it again this year.
But he did release Someone's gonna be excited over there, but he did release his album a little bit late, and he's up against a pretty tough competition.
So can you make it through in a row?
Well, so tell us, are a couple of presenters are kind of well, imagine you've just had a really bad curry.
And you've gone to bed and you having those really weird bad curry dreams?
No, I'm talking about me because that is basically only time that you would see these next two presenters together.
Except for here, obviously presenting a Brit Award.
So for the first and probably the last time, ladies and gentlemen, Charlotte Church and Eminem.
Good evening, bitches and hos or a bit controversial over to you.
Charlotte and I sat out C C's on the mike with the nominations for best British male, British.
A very talented bunch.
I'm sure you'll agree on Dhe.
The winner is This is exciting.
Oh, Robbie Williams, 29 year old square in slightly Children change smoking Pop star Award winning pop star seeks boy or girl for four nights of poker a day.
A meeting.
I'd like to thank the Brits for this opportunity to put my lonely Hearts Club out there to the great British public.
Also, I'd like to thank you very, very much for my award on DDE.
See you next year, I suppose.
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Robbie Williams wins British Male presented by David Walliams & Matt Lucas | 2003

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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