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  • Indian.

  • Doris was referring in this quote to a new group in concert with the Peace Corps conservative voice who launched this morning.

  • They say that they want to see a much more conservative agenda.

  • They want to start campaigning for the next election and so on.

  • Kind of like a think tank, really led by some people who traditionally in a bit of a thorn in David Cameron side on the right of the party.

  • Now Nadine Dorries doesn't seem too impressed with that group, principally because she feels they don't go far enough.

  • Originally, she made these comments to a political website, but I've had them confirmed to myself as well.

  • And the quote that's causing all this consternation is Dean Doris said.

  • We need a kill Cameron strategy.

  • Not a voice referring to Conservative voice that now she has stressed to me that, of course, cheered speaking metaphorically.

  • Eso probably really a relief to David Cameron that she doesn't actually want to kill him, but I think what's interesting is we're seeing all this chatter around David Cameron's leadership, a new group of conservative MPs, principally from the right Dean Doris going even further and of course, these stories at the weekend around Boris Johnson, rumored to be asking Zac Goldsmith to step aside so he could have his seat in the next election.

  • Well, clearly, I think David Cameron has got to keep an eye on what is backbenchers they're up to.


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Nadine Dorries says Kill Cameron, Metaphorically

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/16
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