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this'll happening?
Caroline Flax about playing bingo.
That sounds like something that might interest you.
Then go to the radio.
One website right now.
You can watch it aside.
What is?
Listen seriously, there's more to be nervous about today, Caroline.
How much that this into the edge of the well.
And how much water do I have to pay?
My mouth is really Fill your cheeks.
So my cheek select hamster cheek.
Yeah, but that's the That's the one.
Just Just remember, the first spray is the deepest on what will happen, is it It will hit your face.
Got Harper.
Don't swear, because other people don't you, because other people have.
Well, we had a terrible incident last week.
Withhold or it's bad.
I think you're on the right show.
It's cold.
Okay, Ready?
Here we go.
Okay, it's Caroline.
Fact is quite cold water.
So that's why sometimes it can be a little shocking on first arrival into the face.
You ready?
How about you again?
There's no hands rule, so if it comes out, just make sure it's over him.
First we go to Good morning, Britain from earlier in the week And here is the lovely Kate Garroway.
Keeping us up to date on all the current trends.
Yes, not in the bin.
On him.
I mean, it's just there for show, and I kick Kate Galloway's keeping us up to date on all the current trends.
Kate seems very pleased about this news.
Some happy news.
Now you'll be pleased to know the Bush is back.
I mean, welcome to the guy.
Oh, we've lost.
No, you're right.
Described by Yoo hoo.
Oh, wow.
This is great.
You weather.
Were you aware that Bush had made a comeback?
Bush is back.
Is amassing in Stoke.
You spotted that article there about Kate Bush?
Okay, moving on.
In fact, let's stay on that same episode of Daybreak.
Now, on the next guest was comedian Brian Conley, who still has a lot of stamina for amount of his age.
No love on.
Now on now.
I've gone for many decades now, and I'm still questioning out.
You weren't expecting this today.
You got a smart mouth, huh?
Oh, wow.
This is worth watching.
If I want to go to the radio.
One website, it's on your mobile phone as Well, Scott, it's one of those three.
I know your eyelashes again.
Oh, no.
This loss happened with Charlotte Crosby.
Face, you're spraying me so much is preventing my spring.
The thing is, you just need to get there first is in the middle, and it's It's a long game.
I'm still bashing out.
Thanks, Brian.
Now, our favorite clip from Tuesday was when we had Craig revel Horwood on.
He loved it.
So we're gonna do it again.
We're gonna cross the location, location, location on Dhe.
Kirstie is in danger of getting over excited and doing something she will regret.
Genesis, we are in an eel and pie house.
Sum up what you're looking for before I ever my pie hole too wide.
I'm not going.
Caroline, what is my genes?
You're straight.
You go straight to does enough to this Good hope.
Maybe home.
Genuine shock is happening right now.
Kirsty Allsopp there before I m my pie hole to white.
All right.
Come on, Caroline.
Okay, So now we are going over to this week's university challenge On what?
Everyone's always impressed with the natural beauty of Cambridge.
This student really loves it.
The second thing is, is when I came to visit, I was just overwhelmed by what a beautiful place this is.
So I can sometimes sometimes Cambridge just gets you like that.
More was, Laura spied that one.
Thank you.
Uh, you just gotta go for it now.
Like you're wet.
What's gonna happen?
You're into it now.
Okay, now, over to the BBC weather bulletin from Monday night on any of the bingo on the presenters Seems todo distracted.
Made forecast while thinking about his plans for the following day.
The rain is going to come back.
And not just rain, but wind.
Two parts.
Yes, Chris, in your face on Caroline Flax.
Bak Bak.
Okay, let's see.
What Now?
Let's see if we can get through this weather would.
Oh, the rain is going to come back.
And not just rain, but wind too.
It could be touching.
Gail, please.
The Catholic helps this way.
Thank you.
Met him over Hampton for that one.
Okay, just a few more.
It's worth watching.
This one really is a good one.
This if you can't watch it now, watch on YouTube later.
Now a classic clip from a a nature documentary with Kate Humble.
Now I know the I know the Bushes back Kate Bush is back, but no one wants things to grow this wild out of control.
Come on.
Way all.
Know what?
It's gonna be in the big go now, so let's just try to brace ourselves for it, okay?
I think that's the thing about being in an area that is so huge with, you know, quite thick, Impenetrable Bush.
Caroline is having to now shield herself with her hands.
Oh, my God, you're no, it's fine.
Looks like you actually knew look, well played just on a calendar.
Okay, now two more.
Two more.
Two more.
Alistair Bean with you.
A second to the football commentary on five live.
Now Anna's Robbie Savage takes to the microphone.
He lets us know a little bit too much detail about Joe Hart's recent difficulties.
I think what you are need need to be the most.
Last season was a good number two.
Those number two jacks.
I know Berlin good number two alone.
Need a good number two sometimes.
Okay, Now let's end with a classic and it's from BBC Solan presents a Sam Fraser, You had a very, very busy weekend.
Here we go.
So that's, um that was quite a new experience.
The wind in my hair wrap my legs around.
He took me up the bypass.
Sorry, Caroline.
All my world urgings you.
Are you okay?
I'm not saying anything now.
You're annoyed with me.
I just don't want today.
What you mean I could lend you a T shirt.
Your genes.
Your barley.
Where you're going, you're going straight to dancing now, straight to the strict.
You know, no one's gonna know.
That was great.
Okay, get this lady a tell.
That was Caroline.
Fact innuendo.
Thank you one.
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Innuendo Bingo with Caroline Flack

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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