B1 Intermediate 6 Folder Collection
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Wait, wait.
You know, like that Burberry trench up Just like that were, you know, taking down models like that.
She wants me.
I don't got a problem with that.
But I'm not the one that called back for love.
I won't.
Commas, in fact, interviews wanted no hurt.
You're with someone.
So let the whole world know.
But I cannot comment on that because I got the biggest plan.
See what I do when I'm given a chance.
But I see you give me the biggest advance.
I do this for me, Not for critics Advance.
And no, I don't listen to rants from out of my bustle.
Can't stick to the dance.
I might win a buck in the world.
You better hope I keep my dick in my pants.
Haters keep trying.
I'm hoping they quit it.
Watch me.
I got this.
You know, I'd admitted I'll see what I like and I go and I get it.
This is my sermon itself.
Like the world under a permanent felt high leftist were on determining 12.
It's no games to play now, and that's what the hell Wait right.
I'm grounded.
So all that I'm fucking no wonder that keep coming and got so big I might even go public.
Chevron is Cameron break with my numbers stuff.
A custom dream only thing that a company, My life's sweetest.
Discussing the matter This is cause got on a bus in and Grace is inside of you.
Labels want equity, but And if your parents were pots in a man impressed Oh, Mona Lisa Vinci's implies my writing or peaches treaty as easy on a day like a lining.
My baby, It's over.
Let's go with Susie.
Handle my business like a schoolboy, I repeated.
Don't you can't you know, like wait.
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Pell x G-Eazy - Got It Like That

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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