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I must say this stadium falls on the must visit category for any football fan ship.
The Johns come in.
His or her way on field is the venue.
My name is Derek Raines.
Joining me for commentary, as always, is Lee Dixon on tonight we've got the semi final of the Champions League coming up for you.
It isn't Liverpool's against Atletico Madrid.
Yeah, thanks, Derek.
I'm so, so excited for the players.
I really I'm a lost playing in semi finals.
In playing the Champions League semifinal night, you find out about yourself.
Can you control your emotions?
Can you commit to the game?
We're just about to find out.
Very, very excited.
Liverpool stopped again.
Rated Brazilian Alison begins between the posts.
Much of anti plays with positions.
Mohammed Saleh Place Where?
Sandy Oh man.
A wide leading the attack Today is the ultimate pressing machine.
Roberson Philomena.
This is the starting lineup for a politico like a conventional for two preferred formation by arson.
Van Gogh.
When he arrived, its arsenal to main strikers, four across the midfield really important for the full backs to link up with wide midfielders in this system explosive attacking qualities can be so important.
Look no further than most sand.
Well, virtually everything.
Quick feet Quick mind sees the past before anybody else so difficult to stop a play like that wine album.
Chamberlain taking care of business defensively here, Praveen.
You know, I expect a straight piece of goalkeeping trivia.
Well, you know, only having Bean in Istanbul in 2005 to witness what I thought was the greatest Liverpool comeback in European history.
I didn't think that would ever be rival, but against Barcelona last season, it waas Well, we've seen some nights and feel some magical nights.
That's gonna be one of the best nights they've ever had free Kneel down from the first leg.
Absolutely sensational game.
It was cleared away comprehensively.
Oh, money now Tremendous intuition to win it when I'm lucky.
Given away has gone over the touchline for what will be a throwing Korea trivia.
No, no, no.
Couldn't hang on to it.
Throw in Forthcoming Alexander Arnold for being you know now chance to attack.
Using which Wade Pressure count.
They really deserve this lead.
Look, this is all about right Place right time from that sort of Raines's only one winner.
Let's get back to the Gold Store.
The game is the Stones in Liverpool in front.
Okay, Maria?
Well, he's got plenty of space on the flank here.
Easy peasy for the goalkeeper.
He's given the bullet away.
On returns apart.
I trivia okay.
He has plenty of support.
Tapia Dozy defending toe win the ball back counterattacking.
Very much adoption.
My goodness.
The importance of getting there was not lost on the Cape and the referee is added on two minutes.
So stop it, Raina.
It's with soul.
No more time Left second half of this Champions League semifinal.
First leg underway.
Rain on Lord Thomas.
So okay, with these fluency of movements, Flaminio now Professor Tamino, Liverpool have given us away.
He's been the standout for his side so far, don't you think?
Well, Derek, right has played well.
Goals, win games.
He's been a joy to watch in this form.
Sit back and enjoy him in the second half, but strongly into the challenge and the result is a throw in Phalanx Booth goalkeeper Andrew Robertson has lost the ball on space for the cross.
It's a perfect can Liverpool too with this advantageous situation, Alexander Arnold.
I mean, you know, it didn't appear that they might be onto something, but not so a lot of momentum.
Tow this Atletico attack with me now given away.
Tell us now.
So savage.
Not a good pass.
I wanted to say they extend girls.
Just look at the keeper.
Thinks he's coming out of another look in the back of the neck a little bit.
Okay, let's go a second.
Go from here.
20 minutes to go.
Institution to place for the past.
Maybe they chisel an opportunity.
We have the ball than a very promising position.
But now it's being taken away from them for too much on that particular cross.
There's Milner.
Mrs Santa breaking it.
Pace regain possession.
Okay with it.
10 minutes left to play in this match money.
Now he must favor the cross.
It's with Rebecca for me.
My name, whatever it takes to keep the Max shocking past.
Thomas Furley Play with it, Brennan.
So throw in here.
Pools here changed out for Athletico.
I know.
Go deeper.
You would expect once again doing his job.
Yeah, that's his job.
Get behind the ball and save it.
The referee is added on till minutes.
So stoppage time.
Thomas Really good reading of the game To win possession back testicle time Liverpool will be taking a lead with them into the return lane.
What's a job get today?
You could see the game plan from the first minute on.
You have to say to control the second leg Like today there will be one of the finalists.
Superb performance was Have a suspicion most Saleh will get high marks that applies to this contest.
Well, I was a really, really good performance from the lad in the gold Buddha.
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FIFA 20 | Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid - 19/20 UEFA Champions League UCL - Full Match & Gameplay

25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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