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525,000 525,600.
How do you in inches in miles?
Whoa, whoa.
Is he already our ball?
What is joining?
What is it?
Froth with light.
Come on.
You guys sleep something?
How can it be?
You know me.
I'm talking Queenie.
Since nine o'clock, it's midday already.
I need shortest to tallest.
I'm just gonna be a quick wit.
Nor did you hear very close together.
It's you again.
Behind you back there.
You guys were not sent.
All the straight.
Okay, here we go.
Come back for us.
Watching you cheer up Just a little bit.
We got somebody run over your dog.
You're up.
Just a bit more watching here.
Working race.
I will legends.
123 Well, come on.
Look, you made were Just relax a bit.
Pickles Watching it on the strain.
Onsite twist.
He's 123 Welcome back to Goggle box.
On one fine Tuesday after school, Alex sat down to watch her favorite show everyone's first crush on channel nine.
The subjects interviewed you, 12 students from the graduating class of 2018.
At the end of this episode, the results of the most popular crushes would be announced.
Rice was on.
Oh, you're not in this shot, Nathan.
To me to start a Indian Roxy, who is your past Will Rose a Sam Palace and Paulson.
Ed Wilson First Cross And why Bendix Max Limbs From Ex Live May Again Our Sorrows.
Five Jobs at Nick Thomas So who was your first crush?
Er carry.
Sure it wasn't called what?
You know crushes guys Always Izzy Webster New six Nickels.
Uh, a few.
But I think the Simpson I Love You, Lily Vagina Lucy part in Riley on Old and Andrew Campbell Like McVicar.
Alice James.
Harry joins in you, right?
Heidi, Die Nick Julia, Godson Jerry Simon Joseph Jenkins wants a swish of the hot for me.
Yes, just Suarez.
Who's the best local Kelly.
I'd be injury in front.
Okay, First cross to carry Alex's Nathan Dimitri in print media tomorrow and choose like James Thompson.
I'll just bury it in the office and Dakota Tyson Paris Scribbling in your T o fest.
Crushing care Girls came on.
I was in love with body weight.
Grace Jordan Thomas and your Campbell Craven.
Who's your first crush?
But not any more.
It was very short.
Ninth and Dimitri Julie Get dressed Question.
Carrie Care, Georgia Injury and Carrie Class First Class Lizzie Honda Crack.
Tom Ryan, Jack Stanley.
Right, I Must Go School, Liam Crash Filing Tax.
You seven.
So, Sarah, Who's your cross checks?
Joey Joey Pilot School lot.
William Krafft Bailey, Red Lake.
Gradually, Right, Right, right, right, Yeah.
Henry Casey having a building Vita Top 10 Ugliest buildings and Melvin getting dead.
Scoring a politician having to write an essay on why appearance would be disappointed in your actions.
Busting all the way to Muslim for sport.
Respect every young sobbing a ph.
Way Every time you're wearing the school uniform you're representing the school.
Good place down with two way 50 cents, branding everything from doors to Ben's going to carry six years, and people still think that the triplets at any MLD Melissa accidental catwalk outside the library.
Next sandal richest, keeping the carnival offering up their house of formal freeze just to show it off, taking down a paper countdown cause it's distracting out learning, Having a nervous Jew line old life from middle school.
It's like radio chemistry with So what's your favorite thing about you 12?
Probably that you told kitchen.
Wait, Patty.
What do you mean?
The future's looking like you're Well, I reckon that is gonna be very, very diverse.
You know, I probably everything from kids gonna do obstetrician Melvin to maybe even kids doing office.
Agrees at Monash in that range, Maybe we could get a date after 12.
You school captain has been some allegations regarding your eligibility to still be in schooling.
Is it true you're actually 20?
I knew nothing.
Justin M.
God, New York is gonna die in up to 12.
Really friendly.
And I should, uh, uh, Bailey a with the queen of carrying school.
I said Johnson, Who do you reckon could've died after 12.
What are you most excited for next year?
So when we're 100 years in the past?
Okay, guys, who's that was Harry Couple Lauren Jackson, Erica's Joey.
Don't carry your first school lot.
First, you see Carrie, it's our first kiss.
Kari George, Your best carry kids.
Wait, wait Wait, wait, wait.
Where do I start to think about?
There's a longing in the sound booth Darkness for a place I've never seen.
It's been calling out to me.
That is where I should be.
Wait, wait, wait Our way.
Wait, wait, wait.
No way.
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CLASS OF 2018 - Carey Baptist Grammar School

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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