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  • calling with laser dentistry were pioneering a new periodontal procedure that involves the use of the hangs diagnostic test.

  • It's not something you need to be afraid off.

  • It only takes about two minutes, and it's relatively inexpensive.

  • Considering the amount of information and data that we're able to get and the amount of advice that we're able to give you, it's well worth your while to consider doing this test.

  • When it comes to the hands diagnostic test, they're 11 bacteria that are known to cause periodontal disease.

  • This test specifically looks from all 11 bacteria, along with all these 11 bacteria, we know that there's an association between the mouth and the rest of the body, so we're looking at these bacteria to determine whether this could have harmful effects.

  • Overall, health based on this test were actually able to detect whether patients likely to have heart attack before the doctors are even able to diagnose were able to diagnose diabetes well before patient or the doctor even knows that there's anything going on along with it, were able to detect whether patients like to develop any of the arthritic conditions so we can give our patient's a lot more information about bacteria in the mouth compared with just what you would see in the mountain now, when it comes to the mouth, knowing which one of these 11 bacteria's causing the disease process helps us target the treatment and specifically catering to each individual's needs.

  • So we're able to give a much more customizable approach towards period of treatment.

  • The benefit of this is that we actually see a huge improvement in our patient's overall world health and general help along with it.

  • We see a huge improvement in pocket debts when you go to your dentist and they're probing around with that instrument and they're checking out the numbers.

  • What they're trying to do is they're trying to see whether you are able to take their guns yourself or whether you need intervention.

  • So the deeper the pockets, the more dangerous it is for you.

  • When you start dealing with pride to six millimeter pockets, you getting close to the stage whereby that, too, may end up becoming hopeless.

  • So if we can to Bert six millimeter pockets and seven millimeter pockets down two threes and twos, that tells us we can have you better take care of it yourself.

  • Our goal is to have you look after your help and have us help you look after it.

calling with laser dentistry were pioneering a new periodontal procedure that involves the use of the hangs diagnostic test.

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