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My name's Dominic Travis.
I'm a veterinary epidemiologist from the College of Veterinary Medicine in University of Minnesota.
I'll be teaching the Rabies class at the Public Health Institute this year with two of my colleagues, Dr MacDonald Far.
Farnum, who is a veterinary public health specialist, has a lot of experience in global Rabies issues.
And Dr Tom Molitor, who is on immunologist and infectious disease specialist from the College of Veterinary Medicine.
We plan to address all aspects of Rabies, from the history to the global political importance to obviously the virus itself and the pathogen s city, public health, veterinary medicine, any human or or animal medical profession.
Anybody interested in public health policy?
I think this would especially be be interesting, Andi Education.
There's a huge education component still needed around the world, so so I can't think of anybody who this wouldn't necessarily apply to.
The Rabies course will be split conceptually, probably 50 50 between didactic kind of learning, all the basics and active learning process where we try and understand and explore the complexity of this issue, we're going to get into assessing the literature critically.
There's a lot of good and bad literature out there.
So we want to talk about that.
We're gonna talk about the ecology and the global implications of Rabies, and we're really gonna talk about the policy.
We're actually gonna end the course with a debate where you're assigned a position and we're gonna talk about the different positions of this kind of complex neglected tropical disease.
The Public Health Institute is is unique because it offers a really good, intense immersion experience into a subject.
So we hoped to cover Ah, huge depth of Rabies and in one week and 1/2 days, immersed ourselves in it and feel like you really have familiarity with it when you're done.
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UMN SPH Public Health Institute Presents: Topics in Infectious Disease: Rabies

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 16, 2020
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