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  • In a new study, researchers in MIT'S Department

  • of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • use network theory to understand how infectious diseases could

  • spread worldwide through air transportation.

  • Researchers built a model to describe the mobility patterns

  • of individual travelers, and derived a metric

  • to rank and predict which airports in the United States

  • would be the most influential spreaders of disease

  • within the first 15 days of an outbreak.

  • In this animation, you can see the daily connecting flights

  • to and from all U.S. airports.

  • Some highly connected airports, such as Anchorage,

  • are powerful regional spreaders.

  • Others, such as Honolulu. , owe their spreading potential

  • to their geographic location.

  • The global super spreaders, such as JFK and LAX,

  • combine all those elements.

  • Connectivity, traffic and geography.


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