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  • Got a few holes in your walls?

  • Fix your damaged drywall with these simple repair tips.

  • Small dings and dents are easy.

  • Scrape away loose debris, apply lightweight spackle over the hole, and let it dry.

  • Add more spackle if the hole isn’t filled, then sand smooth.

  • For popped nail heads, drive in a drywall screw about 1-1/2 inches above or below to

  • hold the drywall.

  • Then drive in the popped nail, spackle, and sand.

  • Holes from a doorknob can be fixed with a small patch kit.

  • Stick it over the hole, then use a drywall knife to cover with lightweight joint compound

  • in a crisscross pattern.

  • Feather the edges so it blends with the wall.

  • Let it dry, then add another coat of compound if necessary.

  • A great fix for holes six inches and smaller is called the California patch.

  • Cut a new piece of drywall about two inches bigger than the hole.

  • Score the back about an inch from each side.

  • Snap off the loose gypsum but leave the paper backing.

  • Hold it over the hole, and mark around the gypsum.

  • Cut out the area with a drywall saw.

  • Apply joint compound to the back of the paper, press into place, and cover with a couple

  • of coats of joint compound.

  • For larger holes, cut a piece of drywall a little bit bigger than the hole.

  • Hold the patch over the hole, trace it, and cut along the lines.

  • Hold small furring strips inside the hole on two sides and secure with screws.

  • Now set the drywall patch in place, and secure it to the furring strips.

  • Apply joint tape and compound.

  • Got a dinged up corner?

  • Cut the damaged corner bead with a hacksaw, and use a knife to cut the drywall.

  • Remove the damaged piece, and cut a new corner bead to fit.

  • Secure the piece, then apply joint compound to the corner.

  • Finish all repairs with a light sanding, primer, and paint.

  • If youre repairing a textured wall, lightly sand the repair to blend with the surface.

  • Then mix 4-parts joint compound to 1-part water.

  • Dip a stiff brush, and flick it onto the wall in a forward motion.

  • Another option is a texture spray.

  • Shake the can, adjust the nozzle, and spray in a circular motion about 6-18 inches from

  • the wall.

  • For a knockdown finish lightly flatten with a drywall knife.

  • Just a few simple steps, and your walls will look as good as new.

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  • Next, learn how to paint your walls.

Got a few holes in your walls?

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