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  • education.

  • It's something that many of us take for granted, but it's also something many don't have off the seven billion people in the world.

  • There are 792 million adults.

  • What illiterate?

  • What is alarming is that off these 792 million, 2/3 are women.

  • This is an issue that affects numerous countries around the world, and by extent every single one of us intends to, Neil, A.

  • Said of Women are literate.

  • In Bolivia, 30% of adult women cannot read or write, compared to 5% of men.

  • The situation in Pakistan is Justus prevalent, with only 40% of women above the age of 15 being able to read or write, compared to 70% of men.

  • It is in Pakistan that one of the most inspirational figures of this century rose to prominence.

  • This is the story of Malala.

  • Yousafzai is not my day.

  • Today is the day off, every woman, every boy and every gun who have raised their voice for their rights.

  • When the ninth of October 2012 the Taliban shorten on the left side of my forehead.

  • They shot my friends, too.

  • The thought they're the bullet would silence us.

  • But defend and out of their silence came thousands of voices.

  • The terrorists thought that they would change my hands and stop my ambitions.

  • But nothing changed in my life except this weakness, fear and hopelessness died.

  • Strength, Father encouraged, was born.

  • Malala was a student in the Swat valley when she began campaigning for girls rights to an education.

  • Incensed Taliban extremists shot her in the head.

  • I want to become a doctor.

  • It's my own dream.

  • But my father told me that you have to become a politician.

  • I drink for all the Children that they should go to their school.

  • It's there, right?

  • It's the basic right.

  • I have rights.

  • I have the right of education.

  • I have the right to play.

  • I have the right to sing.

  • I have the right to talk.

  • I have the right to go to market.

  • I have the right to speak up great faces.

  • When girls are educated, the family's heir healthier.

  • They have fewer Children.

  • They wed later, and they have more opportunities to generate an income.

  • What Actually a primary school booster?

  • Gil speech You age 10 to 20% and an actually of secondary school increases at any potential by 15 to 25%.

  • Education also helps moms take Medicare of the kids According to the world back, Each additional year of female education reduces child mortality by 18,000.

  • I am Malala.

  • Wait, wait, wait.

  • Oh, God.


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