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  • Come on ahead record.

  • I had his body.

  • It's a love object.

  • Physics, okay?

  • Or getting here.

  • Theo.

  • Theo!

  • Mr.

  • Paxton.

  • Our party.

  • The league in the country that gave us Tom Logan.

  • Logan, Logan.

  • Arjun, The ligament.

  • Montini.

  • What the hell are logical and just calm.

  • Cannot be with a guy named Amanda.

  • Had money, but really sick.

  • Looking to have the departed in the Arctic.

  • A couple Mr a joke.

  • Candidate 100.

  • Goddamn.

  • You know, sitting job.

  • Ha!

  • We are called to higher India.

  • Pakistan after 12th addendum.

  • You too.

  • Yeah, Pakistan near the Pakistan party isn't a party enough Napa cabbage?

  • Yeah, by a couple of a party Isn't a party go decimate artnet about the legal at Urban Katie?

  • Well known example.

  • The FBI, Marash, maybe even Vicky.

  • And I hope we can put it there, mate.

  • I've been working on this thing.

  • You said your younger for camp Canola or calm?

  • Karenga.

  • Mortal como la clinica or education?

  • Guys, look, both push or make after bottoms a baton.

  • A younger baba request you think about any other wanna or current shine.

  • Bakula.

  • Gonna don't go.

Come on ahead record.

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B1 logan pakistan party younger decimate paxton

Delhi Election Results के रुझानों में AAP को बढ़त, कार्यकर्ता उत्साहित (BBC Hindi)

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