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  • the most interesting thing that to be it was out the darlings admission that we couldn't be stopped from using Stelling Totally different from the Chancellor.

  • I laid out the currency options were for Scotland by also argued persuasively by a sensible agreement.

  • Common sense for a common currency.

  • Said you'd use it unilaterally First, Minister.

  • So why would the Bank of England back up Scottish banks, which were over 1000?

  • Senator, I suggest you go back to debate.

  • You can't play a big our stuff, darling.

  • You know he had his chance and he must that last night.

  • That was part of the debate in the currency.

  • Bluff has been cold.

  • The Scottish people are calling that bluff you're gonna miss.

  • You know, I'm talking about lender of last resort.

  • You say you're using the Bank of England.

  • You using the pound unilaterally?

  • You could say that you cannot know Impasse.

  • Innate the no campaign.

  • The no campaign had the chance that love has been called.

  • People have, I think, overwhelmingly in Scotland now.

  • And Paul, after Paul, shouldn't we want to keep the pound?

  • That is a decision that the Scottish people are being asked to make that is a sovereign will off the Scottish people.

  • I've explained an enormous detail where it's good sense for Scotland is good sense for the rest of you.

  • Kay explained what the other currency options are for Scotland, but we're fighting a campaign to get a mandate from The Scottish people have common sense from a carton currency.

  • That's what won the debate last night.

  • And that's the message that's going to resonate over the next three weeks.

  • Just want one last time.

  • Very specifically, You said Plan B wants to use unilaterally.

  • Sterling on the Bank of England at that point would not be able to support Scottish banks.

  • Whatever you are watching last night, your menu member, you're on Channel a Sky instead of the BBC.

  • What we explain.

  • What the currency options for Scotland?

  • As I said, free plan B's if you like, but we explain why the covens see union A sensible plan for the sensible currency between Scotland and England is the thing we're asking for the mandate for.

  • That's what won the debate last night.

  • I mean, have a look at what people thought about the audience, thought about everybody apart from Sky news apartment.

  • This debate is moving on to people realizing to protect our national health service.

  • We after financial control, job creating purse for Scotland.

  • That's for one.

  • That the big get left.

  • The event lined the people of Scotland over here movie Sky news or catch up the Queensbury rules, though You you said that Darling supported a number of conservative policies that doesn't support you could admit that I was the Darling is a frontman for the Conservative Party in this campaign, right out of the conservative House.

  • The darling is an alliance with the Conservative Party in this campaign, and that is what the new campaign is.

  • No, what I want to see no is know that Alistair Darling's taking part in the mother of debates.

  • Then let's have the real leader of the no campaign David Common.

  • Let's have him in Scotland now.

  • Let's see if he can do any better than I was darling, that I don't think it will because in the key issues or protection of our public service is for which we need financial control, not just the minister of control of the national health sellers on the key issues, a job creating post, where I was darlings, totally unable to articulate any job creating powers on offer to Scotland if there was a no vote on these issues, Yes and winning and winning decisively.

  • So let's see if let's see of Mr Cameron is prepared to come to Scotland and have the debate, perhaps on sky news.

  • And let's see, if we were, we'd welcome that.

  • Let's see if he could do a better job than his front man.

the most interesting thing that to be it was out the darlings admission that we couldn't be stopped from using Stelling Totally different from the Chancellor.

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Salmond Tells Sky News: "Alistair Darling Muffed His Chance"

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/15
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