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  • What's going on?

  • I controlled postal ballot going on our cards up.

  • Borrow T r a v eight v g p a year.

  • Report him, Bob.

  • I'm gonna get out of the country.

  • Shaheen Primary school official Voter Line up Practice any religion to hard to hard to hard your opponent will be done.

  • So many bad people.

  • Apology though it won't do her any.

  • She looks upon it.

  • Virginia Option?

  • No, but they can.

  • Obama show called me a newsroom Aborigine Pilots T g o T o Ky Chilo Magic Ball wrote some of the chocolate or should be back by the TV.

  • You want a corner?

  • Kick it.

  • You never know that Rocky.

  • But on it let's shake on it.

  • Did you make maps better?

  • Give me that.

  • They shot 67 t up.

  • It will be easy peasy connecting cash, unmarked vans with obesity, interesting movies, hard time talking into the hollow, the poultice Three movies are the movies or keep me connected.

  • But a t o B i N g o b I should 18 The action $2 for the water that Miami 18 67 cold today.

  • But happy about that.

  • She kind of unpredictable.

  • Be trouble.

  • What did they actually get talking about?

  • People who has our booty shake, have trick or be able to make a money train?

  • Some of the local politician eroded, by the way, Get aboard genre, you know that are actually get it while don't know about the young General Motive 142 100 units molded harder aka body Hallway Gallo Harder Mobius Tsunami topic Todo Jenna up to our son A GDP naughty, actually a poor Peter's Chee sub Kabul So far Oh, my new Phaeton bungler.

What's going on?

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