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  • Hello, I’m Glen Murphy, and I’m a designer on Google Chrome.

  • When were on the web, were always trying to get more done, faster.

  • But research has shown that most people don’t really save time

  • when they try to do multiple things at once.

  • On the Chrome team, we don’t think this is a problem with the people;

  • we think it’s a problem with the tools that they have at their disposal.

  • We realised that at any one time while browsing,

  • youre only using 50% of your hands. Why?

  • Because you only have one mouse.

  • Chrome Multitask Mode changes that, by giving you access to not one,

  • but two mice, at the same time.

  • At first, it might be a little tricky to get the hang of steering two mice,

  • but after a short period of time it feels completely natural.

  • As an architect, if I make a mistake, it’s a matter of life and death.

  • Multitask Mode has taken the stress off,

  • because I’m no longer thinking too hard about any one project.

  • We only have one computer between us, and we used to fight and fight

  • over who got to use the internet first.

  • Well, now we don't have to wait or take turns anymore.

  • With Multitask Mode, we can both check our email at the same time

  • on the same computer.

  • Who’s David?

  • Security is extremely important to Chrome, and Multitask Mode

  • is no exception. To protect you from clicking

  • any link twice and accidentally double-charging your credit card,

  • Chrome will automatically shut down your computer if your

  • mouse arrows get too close.

  • We hope that Multitask Mode helps you to get the most out of every minute that you use Chrome.

  • To try it out, visit

Hello, I’m Glen Murphy, and I’m a designer on Google Chrome.

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Chrome Multitask Mode

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