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  • I arrived in hip salon T State Hospital.

  • Summer of 1959 Left teaching to begin an ambitious study of delusional patients would really like to help you, Joseph.

  • He's addressed me as my proper name.

  • Jesus Christ, the righteous one of my I have three patients believe that Jesus Christ, it can be but only one god.

  • That's my point.

  • Address me by my righteousness.

  • God thio with three of them in a room study That way the reason I'm having these meetings that can only be one chooses only one gold on God to rear eyes, heads, shaking off all of your negativity in all of your squelches, all of your squelching We do not have fourth Hollow that God's in Great Britain.

  • There are Father.

  • Send a boy to do a man's job.

  • Knock it off, Alan, please be careful.

  • It's impossible to really understand.

  • Someone else is delusion.

  • There are limits you can't exceed.

  • It's brave and important what you're doing.

  • You decided the gains outweigh the obvious risks.

  • Gentlemen, I want one of you to lead each of the meetings.

  • I think we should have a vote.

  • I nominate Joseph.

  • I don't think unanimous Why do you wanna work with paranoid schizophrenics?

  • Because it's a bone grace of Jesus Christ.

  • You say companionship, joy.

  • Will I be able to offer these men a means to find themselves?

I arrived in hip salon T State Hospital.

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