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Ah. [chuckles]
Hello, everyone.
And welcome to your first day in the afterlife.
You were all, simply put, good people.
But how do we know that you were good?
How are we sure?
During your time on Earth,
every one of your actions
had a positive or a negative value,
depending on how much good or bad
that action put into the universe.
Every sandwich you ate,
every time you bought a magazine,
every single thing you did
had an effect that rippled out over time
and ultimately created some amount of good or bad.
You know how some people pull into the breakdown lane
when there's traffic?
And they think to themselves,
"Ah, who cares? No one's watching."
We were watching.
Anyway, when your time on Earth has ended,
we calculate the total value of your life
using our perfectly accurate measuring system.
Only the people with the very highest scores,
the true cream of the crop,
get to come here, to the Good Place.
What happens to everyone else, you ask?
Don't worry about it.
The point is, you are here because you lived
one of the very best lives
that could be lived.
And you won't be alone.
Your true soul mate is here too.
[crowd gasps and murmurs] That's right.
Soul mates are real.
One of the other people in your neighborhood
is your actual soul mate,
and you will spend eternity together.
So welcome to eternal happiness.
Welcome to the Good Place.
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otters holding hands while they sleep.
You know the way you feel when you see
a picture of two otters holding hands?
That's how you're gonna feel every day.
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The Good Place - How Your Life Is Scored (Episode Highlight)

62 Folder Collection
鄭麗君 published on March 15, 2020
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