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photo shoot.
You are looking at a legend in the fish aboutthe chick court key on a sick hold up.
Both BP is in the changing wind deposited to kill, yet she never of battling with shake.
Pose for a photo shoot.
Don't borrow more Polaroid photos Make me paranoid enough.
Camera phone.
They should be trying.
I'm in the blood which Hawaiian wanted me took ill on the radio.
I should take a picture.
You got the laws which she was sending me.
Isn't X ray X ray red on the street in a safe exit Doing lame shit.
And I'm irritated.
She wanted to go camping like right toe.
Post, post, Post Post, Post Post Looking at a legend in the face aboutthe rules called a key on a sick Hello?
Babies in the changes in wind deposited.
Kill yet?
She never battling with cheese.
Pose, pose, pose, pose.
Post told me away.
But these hosts pussy.
Oh, his nose.
Hey, spread it out.
Spread it out.
Polls will need 100 wrecks for show.
They show a picture of a doctor.
They say that making his goals he want me to hit him first that a happy Winnie in a hearse.
Hey, Graham.
I know he come with thirst, work, work, work, pose, pose, pose, pose, Pose clothes for this job with Fiona that free only if it's about money.
Then we on water on my neck.
You could scare on you can't.
I thought these guys put the heat on while I was laying in my bed while she dreamed on man, I touched that thing back for my knee on my shoes was too fresh from my feet on.
Went to the George Top 24 hours.
Then I was told that it was not like you was holding.
I know some *** got life in a post colonic pitch.
She Norm Richard.
Look at my risk.
She not enough.
I need a friend.
I feel like a total car I cannot fix.
You called big.
Make the bitch.
Look, I gotta laugh.
I got a fish.
She write on my dick like it's a heuristic smack on her bottom like that.
Mist up dirty and still in the trenches went in.
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Yo Gotti - Pose ft. Megan Thee Stallion & Lil Uzi Vert

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 15, 2020
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