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  • blind audition Braxton hit from the boss from Jacqui Day of News.

  • And remember, in the street is the VTR Billy Rianna, over in the background of In embezzling is also my power actor sits your flowers for Carrie A blind audition was our ears open a little boy for our family and that success Come back for the three irrigate open podium here, Lisa Betamax Mattoon Festival Ain't nobody Chaka Khan.

  • Next thing you know, now we're flying.

  • Wait my heart with Jamie, you know, Make me your arms around me.

  • Wait!

  • Wow!

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  • The battle gallery.

  • Billy Bennett for Theo.

  • Theo Stemple it yet?

  • So Varma deepest them in the Yeah, correct.

  • Yes.

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  • Uh, yeah.

  • Okay.

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  • Looking for the alter Your cargo, I think for from the l a l Look, Bittle my seatbelt.

  • Okay.

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  • That's what's on the Net.

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  • Well, no, they have to move.

  • Look extra.

  • The press stated that you knew Kadam Billy keep your guitar record bucked and after a moment over, he clocked me herself.

  • Seated hell not to look at today aboard him.

  • Start I can't act and hard for securing the kids who have first year in Tokyo.

  • Got a cousin with the Mackin.

  • Ishaan, we gotta may know the healthy finale car musical name about the Carver Court.

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  • Act overstaying, Gary.

  • Excellent.

  • Okay, Billy.

blind audition Braxton hit from the boss from Jacqui Day of News.

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