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  • I think I'm the only non 1,000,000,000 year that's doing this.

  • I mean, you've got Jeff.

  • You got Richard Branson.

  • You got Ellen and you may I mean, how is it that a guy from the bottom off New Zealand that was once coined by Mick Jagger is the bum hole off the planet can move stuff into orbit.

  • How crazy is that?

  • Peter Beck really likes rockets.

  • Come on.

  • Arthur Ballantyne, Bob Fallon.

  • Liquid rocket engines, car grits.

  • The Shia Challenge off the engineering problems you have to solve this kind of work gets me going so much so that he started Rocket Lab, a small new space startup often living in the shadow of the bigger companies like Space X.

  • But Peter's mission is a little closer to home than Mars.

  • With Rocket Lab, Peter aims to make launching rockets into orbit as common is picking up your mail.

  • Most important thing that can be done in spice right now is to make Spicer domain that everybody Connexus, we started on day one with an absolute clean cheek paper and you know we write to requirements on that piece of paper and that waas must be launched really really frequently and must be affordable.

  • But the most important thing here is getting to all but like a freight train, just gettinto all but so so frequently that you can use spaces and domain to build commercial infrastructure.

  • So that's things like put it into need in space so that every square inch of the planet has Internet, and you know, that's it's truly game changing for developing countries.

  • Peter always knew he'd do this for a living one day, even when his guidance counselor disagreed.

  • My parents were called into the school, you know, they believed in my aspirations for a career were totally ridiculous and unachievable, and that I should pursue a trade in plumbing because I was quite good in my hands.

  • Peter ignored this advice and instead built this a rocket bike.

  • I did about 100 miles an hour in the Knights of a mile.

  • It's an amazing feeling.

  • Actually.

  • It's an ever increasing acceleration.

  • So will you.

  • Point is where you go and you just hold on.

  • Two decades later, Peter has a staff of over 200 Rocket Lab five launches away from being in the black way, successfully completed all their T's flights and we're now into full commercial operations.

  • Were trying to get to know what launch one a month this year, and the next year will try and get to one every two weeks.

  • And they will keep doubling down on that rocket lab.

  • Secret innovation.

  • They were the first to replace aluminum with stronger and lighter materials like carbon fiber a CZ well as employees, radical production techniques like three D printing.

  • We've got a factory full of rockets, and we started three D printing engines when people were making bottle openers and cats prosthetics.

  • Nowadays, if you look a TTE the startup spice companies, they're all printing their rocket engines, and they have one more little secret location.

  • The great thing about New Zealanders.

  • It was a a small island nation in the middle of nowhere that launch siders the only private orbital launch site in the entire world, and it has more launch availability than America does the country.

  • I think the biggest thing to be done in space is yet to even be thought off because nobody's had access to the domain to be able to experiment on innovate.

  • We're just getting started.

  • The definition of success for me is to receive a text message from one of my staff saying, Hope you enjoyed your lunch, Pete.

  • By the way, another one launched another one on the pad.

  • We can get to that point.

  • We're launches debt commonplace there, uninteresting, and that frequent in the world that we will live in is a definitely an incredibly different place.

  • Maybe better, certainly have been applies to be a turtle file left.

  • It's a worse place.

I think I'm the only non 1,000,000,000 year that's doing this.

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