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  • YouTube and Guggenheim

  • They may not be two words that pop into your head at the exact same time.

  • But they're really about a lot of the same things.

  • At the Guggenheim we are always interested in how to reach the broadest possible audience.

  • We don't create a hierarchy here among mediums; we don't have departments devoted to drawing,

  • or painting, or sculpture.

  • It's a museum of modern and contemporary art, but I always like to think that it's always

  • been a museum of the new.

  • One of the things we feel most deeply about with YouTube is access.

  • That access we really want to bring to the world of excellence in the established art

  • world.

  • You don't need particular means, or a particular education, or a particular background, or

  • a particular budget.

  • Everybody can play.

  • This collaboration with YouTube gives us a chance to explore digital media, bring it

  • into the museum, and see how it functions, see if it functions.

  • And through the process learn more about the phenomenon, because we would like to believe

  • that art is transformative.

  • Show us that hasn't been before, in the eyes of the Guggenheim or in the eyes of YouTube.

  • All eyes are shifting right now to the digital realm, to see what that will bring us for

  • the future.

  • Any video creator all around the world - anywhere - can nominate their work.

  • 200 leading videos will be selected for further attention by the panel of experts. The goal

  • is to select between 20 and 25 that would then be presented at the Guggenheim.

  • Maybe what's in your head is the next thing. The world isn't going to know unless you nominate

  • it.

  • Artists should always be challenging the status quo, and that includes museums.

  • YouTube Play. It's the first biennial of creative video.

YouTube and Guggenheim

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