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  • Hello?

  • It's you again?

  • Gosh, this is the third time today.

  • No, I don't care if this is my once in a lifetime opportunity to get the Sucker 3,000 vacuum cleaner.

  • Please just stop harassing me.

  • Sexual harassment is a type of bullying intended to hurt or intimidate someone.

  • It can include making sexual jokes, comments, or gestures to or about someone.

  • Spreading sexual rumors in person by text, or online, writing sexual messages about people on bathroom stalls or in other public places.

  • Showing someone inappropriate sexual pictures or videos.

  • Touching, grabbing, or pinching someone in a deliberately sexual way.

  • Asking someone to send you naked pictures of herself or himself.

  • Pulling at someone's clothing, and brushing up against someone in a purposefully sexual way.

  • If you are being harassed, don't blame yourself.

  • The idea that someone was asking for it because of something they did, said, or were wearing is false and unacceptable.

  • It often can be helpful to start by telling the person doing the harassing to stop.

  • Let him or her know that this behavior is not okay with you.

  • If that doesn't stop the harassment, don't just ignore the behavior.

  • Usually, ignoring it won't make it stop.

  • Instead, tell a trusted adult about it.

  • Telling someone sooner leads to faster results.

  • You should keep a record of the events that have happened.

  • That way you'll have them if your school or family has to take legal action.

  • Remember, no one has the right to sexually harass or bully anyone else, no matter what.

  • Until next time.

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  • Bye.


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What Is Sexual Harassment?

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    Jade Weng posted on 2020/07/25
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