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  • Billy I'll ish releases, trippy bad guy video and things about seducing your dead in the lyrics.

  • As we all know, really Eyeless released her highly anticipated debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

  • And it's safe to say that it does not disappoint.

  • Not only does it see believe her in her unique sound, but it's also filled with futuristic Bob's My Strange Addiction and the heartbreaking song I Love You.

  • Still not one track on the album is quite as wild as a bad guy, and it's already offend.

  • Favorite and Single Bad Guy is a base Heather Bangor in which believe Bonds a lover and teases that she's suffered in him.

  • It's clever and it slaps, and it's filled with incredible tongue and cheek lyrics like I'm the bad type Make Your Mama said Make Your Girlfriend Met might seduce your death.

  • I I'm the bad guy.

  • Ryder.

  • Just that final that is already one of the standoff musical moments off 2019.

  • The music video is also really good.

  • Not only it's all kinds of creepy.

  • Billy spends a lot of it covered in blood, but she also literally tons of various men in it from sitting on them while I do push ups to force feeding them serials.

  • It's wild few minutes, and there's also some decapitated men in there, too.

  • It's early days, but it's up there with Billy's best work here is Bill.

  • It's Irish bad guy, meaning the beginning of the truck insinuates that Billy is a physically abusive relationship.

  • However, she is not alarmed.

  • Rather, she is just going along for the ride because ultimately she knows that she's in control.

  • In fact, where's his partner likes to play Rough Indian.

  • Really Island is actually the bad guy, not him.

  • Indeed, when this guy takes control or Billy Irish not to do to him actually having authority, but rather her clean the role of an animal most likely is an illusion toe, other silent girlfriend.

  • She also states that she enjoys it when he gets angry.

  • Ultimately, the guy she is addressing portrays personally to type of dreaming with Makino as any feels a perpetual need to be tough on drugs.

  • But Irish asserts that she's actually worse than him, and she outlines the ways this is so.

  • For instance, she has the power to make both his mother and girlfriend upset.

  • In fact, it seems that his girlfriend is already afraid of Billy, and Irish speculates this is so because she has been able to take her men.

  • Moreover, Billa states that, if so desired, she could seduce his dead in fact ability.

  • Eyelash is so bad that she said if her mother were actually to hear this song, she would fail Perry for the men in her life.

  • So at the end of the day, that's still your bad guy Off this song is not submit off controlling and possibly even abusive guy that really Island is dating rather than Billy Irish herself.

  • Who knows she has wherewithal to cause a lot of misery in his life if she wanted to.

  • So that's it, Really, guys for today's video, let me know what you think about the music video off bad guy as well as the song itself and the lyrics.

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Billy I'll ish releases, trippy bad guy video and things about seducing your dead in the lyrics.

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