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  • [ Music playing ]

  • One of the last things I do before bed?

  • [ Sighs ] Check my phone.

  • Watch some videos from my favorite channel.

  • Usually I check the weather.

  • "Okay Google" [ laughs ]

  • I'll read a book.

  • I really want to say that I read, 'cause I tried it, but

  • The ratio of wasting time increases I think, when I'm tired.

  • If I happen to like, hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand, that's going to keep me up,

  • I'm going to have to check whatever just popped up on my phone.

  • I'm on my phone pretty much for an hour before I go to sleep [ laughs ] every night.

  • [ Background noise ]

  • When people are using technology right before bed, they want to keep using it.

  • It's activating their mind, rather than shutting down their mind, and allowing them to unwind.

  • And what's often happening is patients are not able to unplug,

  • and so there isn't kind of a natural stop time, unless we put those parameters down.

  • So we actually can use digital technology to nudge people or remind them to do things that they want to do,

  • that are related to their personal goals, and you can do that with sleep as well.

  • It really should be this idea of digital mindfulness. What meaning are we getting out of our usage?

  • Is our technology enabling us to achieve our self goals,

  • or is our technology distracting us, and taking away from us?

  • It's really just about how do you balance all the different activities in your life in a way that's meaningful to you,

  • and that feels good to you.

[ Music playing ]

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