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  • since Harry Styles dropped his new music video, fans are dying to know who the song Falling is about.

  • We have all the details.

  • I'm Gabby Conti, I'm Jenna Rosenberg.

  • And this is what thought on Holly Weir.

  • Styles have been sending fans mixed signals in clues about the songs.

  • On his new album, Styles finally released his music video to Single Falling, and it looks like fans finally figured out who the song and probably who the whole album is about.

  • If you guys may remember when Harry Styles first dropped his album Fine Line in December, there are many rumors about the album containing secret messages.

  • The first clue was Harry's Release Day, which fans linked to Taylor Swift since he released his album on December 13th and December 13th is Taylor Swift's birthday.

  • Oh my goodness, look at that.

  • What is that?

  • I, I have to say, though I think it was a coincidence.

  • I just don't feel like Harry Styles wants tears back.

  • Was it a Tuesday because usually is a new music released on Tuesday, Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • More now, so Friday It could be, but also it could be about Taylor because remember, he had recently said in an interview that he finds it flattering when people write songs about him.

  • So probably he said that to write songs about other people.

  • But I don't think the album was about Taylor.

  • No, I don't know.

  • I mean, he was in a serious relationship, so we'll get into it.

  • We'll get another hit.

  • Was the symbolism behind the song A Roda, which basically talks about an island named Kuroda that does not exist.

  • So don't book your travel just yet.

  • A road actually hints at more clues, since Harry sings about watermelons, keep Bees and Cherries, which fans claim our references to Harry's other songs Watermelon, Sugar, Kiwi and Cherry.

  • Also, Rhoda is adore Spelled Backwards, which is a major clue to the song Adore You.

  • And the fan theory is that this whole album is about one ex girlfriend in particular, since all the songs seem to bounce off each other.

  • Okay, Gabi, I don't know if you saw on James Corden, and it was it was Kendall and Harry and they did the eat it or spell it.

  • So you got to put your guts on James Corden and one of the questions Waas.

  • Which song is about me?

  • Carly Hurt?

  • Kendall Jenner asked us to Harry, and he ate the gross thing instead of saying, and I was like, Wait, I feel like you wouldn't just set it if it wasn't about her right?

  • So it probably so there probably is a song about Capital, but it's interesting that they dated.

  • They dated, you know, a song about Kendall.

  • But another interesting thing, too, is I think, when you're writing a love song and it's kind of like General Love probably put a little bit of all of your past relationships into it.

  • Absolutely.

  • Maybe create like a Super Pac.

  • So perhaps all the songs are a little bit about Taylor and little bit about, You know, that's a very appointment.

  • So now this is where it gets quite interesting.

  • As we mentioned the song, a Rhoda mentions another song, Cherry and Cheering is a very important secret message.

  • The voice of one of Harry's ex girlfriends is actually in the song, in an interview with Apple Music Styles confirms that the voice we hear at the end of the song Cherry is, in fact the voice of one of his ex girlfriends, he said.

  • When we listen back to the album, I asked her to add it in.

  • I think she likes the song Cherry.

  • It is about her.

  • I wanted to reflect how I felt.

  • Then I was feeling not great.

  • It's all about being not great.

  • Although he gave no name of fans believe the voice belongs to his ex girlfriend, Camilla Row is since the voice we hear in the song sounds French and Camila Row is also French American.

  • The couple dated in 2017 and 2018 and for those who have yet to notice, the word cherry seems to be emerge between Camila and Harry.

  • Wait, I'm mind blown, except there's no E in either of their names, but I think you can just like yeah, Jerry, know for sure I buy that.

  • How guys?

  • There is also one major clue that seems to give it all away in the falling music video.

  • We see that various playing the piano by himself, and he's wearing 1/2 shirt half dressed, very flowing that looks really great underwater.

  • While the room is being filled with water and towards the back of the shop.

  • There actually is an open window that gives the impression off a sunny day.

  • Through the bright, sunny day, we can see the outline shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

  • Then ex girlfriend Camilla Row is a French American, and fans believe the Eiffel Tower clue makes it clear that the album Fine Line, which Harry did admit is a break up album, is about Miller.

  • Oh, wow.

  • I mean, yeah, this is exactly what I would have assumed.

  • It makes me feel better.

  • Listen to it that I know it's not a real person.

  • And these air like real songs from real emotions.

  • Do you ever feel like that with artists?

  • I don't know.

  • I love it, you know.

  • He's single and we know he is open to marriage.

  • So he's not dating.

  • I'm not.

  • So what do you think?

  • Is the album really about Camilla Row or all the secret messages?

  • Just coincidences.

  • Let us know.

  • I'm Jenna Rosenberg.

  • I'm Gabby Conti and keep it here on Holly Weir for your celebrity connection.

since Harry Styles dropped his new music video, fans are dying to know who the song Falling is about.

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