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  • prosecutors in Los Angeles who are reportedly reviewing eight claims of sexual misconduct against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

  • According to Variety, the L.

  • A County D A's office has been reviewing most of the allegations for nearly two years.

  • It has not filed any criminal charges.

  • Weinstein faces a trial in New York on January 6 on charges of rape and sexual assault.

  • He denies all allegations of non consensual sex.

  • CBS News Legal Analysts Rikki Klieman joins us the morning Ricky I think the question here when you hear about these new claims is what does or what role do these new possible charges and claims play in the trial that's upcoming here in New York in January?

  • Well, one of these allegations may play a pivotal role in the New York case in January.

  • There are eight cases in L.

  • A that they're reviewing.

  • But of the eight, there is one that concerns on allegation by a woman that goes back to February of 2013 in a hotel in Beverly Hills.

  • Well, in the case in New York, beginning on January 6th, the Manhattan D.

  • A's office has said it's going to call what we say our three prior bad act witnesses.

  • That means other women who are accusers of Harvey Weinstein, who are going to say that similar things happen to them.

  • And of those three, one of them happened at that Beverly Hills hotel back in 2013 in February.

  • So an accuser in L.

  • A.

  • Is going to become a witness in New York.

  • Ricky, we've heard about attentive settlement in a civil suit for Weinstein.

  • $25 million.

  • You won't have to pay out of his own pocket or admit any wrongdoing.

  • Could this fall apart, or is this a done deal?

  • Well, nothing is ever a done deal until it is over, and what I mean by that is the judge has to approve this settlement.

  • The victims have to sign off on this settlement, and it's complicated.

  • It's not complicated because he's not going to make any wrong.

  • During what's complicated is the amount of money and that there are plaintiffs who are still out there who are represented by other lawyers who are saying, Okay, you other plaintiffs, you want to settle your settling, they believe for short money, because what you're going to do is become part of all the group of creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings, and you are not going to receive what you're due.

  • So I'm not saying it's over until it is finally written down and everybody signs off.

  • You have to remember to.

  • In the law, there are only a couple of remedies that plaintiffs have when something terrible has happened to them.

  • One of them is money.

  • One is not an apology.

  • Time's up.

  • The group that was founded in the wake of the allegations calls a settlement a symptom of a problematic and broken system.

  • Rikki Klieman as always, we thank you, Ricky.

prosecutors in Los Angeles who are reportedly reviewing eight claims of sexual misconduct against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

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More charges against Harvey Weinstein possible

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