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  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • Floated?

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Sunny days used to come around like blue moons One in a 1,000,000 Because I made it rain on my dirty dishes in the sink Liquor on my breath Dirty women and my seats Telling my regrets Got my never wanna tweak Be a chimp Much Malibu Jana but stomach cramps for rent in my box Because it's cheaper than a rental Talk about my book and crystal fucking life Every visit, girls.

  • And wherever you go social media every day Not that cold hearted.

  • I just don't know at the manager.

  • Call my number Any second.

  • Never used my planet much like in this school because your mama been a fan of us And I thank you because I wouldn't be on the road game Get high off Night raging dandy at my shows again Bumping on the known Yes, causing pandemonium No, my future by hit them cameras focused in waits to this guy For what be said about I just want a day Yeah Never sees that way Don't it around and sit up with 00 wait Oh, I still remember the day I came to see a wonderful let's join gotta ask for It was made in small submitted that I still remember.

  • You see a wonderful next.

  • You ain't gotta ask for Saturday.

  • I'm Max it pieces and some aspirins eating up the box because we ran all that and napkins, blaming all my problems on relations in the best with my beauty was Medusa and fatally attracted to play some more and get you know, your mama put me before yet you said your mama wasn't home turning silly love story to a recording pump.

  • I'm on the road once.

  • Said you can't enjoy way leads to this guy be set of by I just wanted yet never be set down, but a rat.

  • I did sit up with this, but still remember er to see a wonderful You ain't got asked, but it was laid up us smart.

  • Yeah, eventually.

  • But I still remember the day I came to see a wonderful place.

  • You got asked what?

  • It was made up.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • Get oh, Whoa!

  • Keep float.


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