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  • pepper frustrating afternoon ultimately, and it seemed to be a similar pattern at home.

  • You go ahead, have good chances to maybe kill off the game early on.

  • Yes, absolutely.

  • I think I think it's all due to the for.

  • The fighter team always started very well.

  • The games and we get the gold and we change the 2nd 1 and we get the chances and of course, notices.

  • Championship, you know, is it is called those goals and score all the chances.

  • But in politics is a team gets ahead and goes from food from the beginning of the games and we get the reward.

  • But as we always say that gold in the first half, unless you extend the lead, it's like it doesn't come.

  • You need everything like like the game is is no no, because it's so long game and a lot of time left.

  • I think Tim did the right thing playing, keep pushing, keep going forward to to score the second goal.

  • Unfortunately, that didn't happen in the first half and I think I hold my hand up clearly with disappointed because we had about 10 minutes and we defend a few situations as a team that we should have different and we normally are defending them better.

  • Apart from that, nothing.

  • We were the best team on 18 minutes and we didn't get the results that shows it.

  • But it's tough for us because I think the players, they give everything the place, the whole team.

  • The whole staff has worked very hard for asthma.

  • No having lost the league games in tow, first of January.

  • That's a lot, you know, in such a finch court.

  • The father, we managed to you get results every week.

  • Her So we all of its sad today that happened.

  • But we're determined to rest off this one.

  • We have good days now to raise because the features have been acting for for such a little score than and the pressure on the players to be able to be ready to work and to play have been The pressures were massive them for toe handle that physically, and it's not easy to keep from that.

  • That's why, in my opinion, proud off the run that we got as a team and two, they hold a hand up those 10 minutes.

  • We need to be better, But but it.

  • It kind of feels like a kind of price that we had to pay a swell because we have players playing through this run with injuries and giving the best and sacrificing yourself for the team and and and it feels like we should have got into something better out of this game.

  • But I saw in the face of the determination to to take it as a one off and and believe in what we achieved and now try to go in and win another game and we have nine games left and we have a lot of.

  • We put a lot of solid bases in the squirt toe fight for performing and fight for a result in every game.

  • And that's what we're gonna do until until the end sense postmatch annoyance amongst yourself.

  • The players that those two goals conceded in a five minute spell completely turned the game on its head.

  • Yes, absolutely absolutely.

  • And we'll hold our hand up for it because Dr situation that we can do better when it's a sad place and I said play that way we can defend a little better and the other one is well, we can correct it.

  • And sure, you better.

  • I think it's difficult when when the game gets tired, you get to the tough minutes after the break.

  • It's always a period off, tough minutes to play and and and the demands on the squad huge.

  • It's always not easy.

  • You know it is yes, to say it from outside, but to be out there and it week in, week out and twice a week.

  • So when that happens, you made those mistakes.

  • We hold our hands off but wear here to correct over that happened and to make sure that we keep creating chances.

  • And we keep dominating games that we keep being solid as we've Bean and we'll keep winning games in pursuit of equalizer in the 71st minute.

  • Nice turn and shimmy and cross from Scott Hogan, and it looks as if to Bellingham steaming in Thio.

  • Put the ball away in the back of the net, but it didn't happen.

  • What's your view of our incident?

  • Want for me?

  • Very clear from what I was on afterwards for money angle that I watched it physically a penalty and when that having the game, um, I kind off nearly that we're not going to get the penalty.

  • So this has been the same the whole season.

  • But it is a penalty.

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • And disappointed.

  • You didn't go on after that as well.

  • T Crites, um clear cut chances to, you know, to try to get something from the much.

  • Absolutely.

  • Then they drop in and they went with five of the back and and they try to defend the box with all the places hard.

  • Only left foot goes up there to try to catch it on the break and we needed to risk when it raised.

  • I think it would have been fair to get that penalty, but we had no option and then to keep siege in the books.

  • And we went over the 4132 to try to put more bodies around the area that the with the fights and the bag of struggle.

  • And we did dominate a lot and we created a lot off outside play, but but no clicker chances, because it was a lot off a lot of players in the box of swell, and it's very difficult.

  • We put a lot of siege onto them, but it wasn't it wasn't a day kindof at times with plays, perhaps looked a little bit legging.

  • Maybe not as sharp as always is they have been.

  • Well, they got a thing for us is that this group of players is putting not only the body but as well.

  • That's all for this statement for the football club.

  • Everyone.

  • I can see it on DDE.

  • We have gone so long way and sometimes you need to pay a little prize and these things happens.

  • But in my opinion, is about hearts off toe managed to chief.

  • Unfortunately, it ended today.

  • But we are the team that we build ourselves to be and we want to get back at it, have a good rest because we will benefit a lot from a good rest these days, too, that we have a clean week.

  • We haven't had a clean week for a lot of a lot of time and focus a lot on recovery.

pepper frustrating afternoon ultimately, and it seemed to be a similar pattern at home.

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