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  • [MUSIC]

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Hey guys, Saba Hamedy here, reporter for, and we're

  • on the red carpet for Harry Potter's world opening at Universal Studios Hollywood.

  • We're super excited because we have some trivia lined up for

  • the stars as they walk the carpet.

  • Mashable's mischief, not yet managed.

  • Saba with Mashable.

  • >> Tom Felton: How are you doing?

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Good, how are you?

  • We have some Harry Potter trivia for you.

  • >> Tom Felton: Don't. >> Saba Hamedy: [LAUGH]

  • >> Tom Felton: You're gonna catch me out

  • and then fans will hate me forever.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Okay. Which of the following is not

  • a Death Eater?

  • A, Barty Crouch Jr. B, Bellatrix, C, Barty Crouch Sr. or D, Severus Snape?

  • >> [MUSIC]

  • >> Tom Felton: Severus Snape.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: No, he is, he is.

  • >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Saba Hamedy: [LAUGH] Okay, okay.

  • True or false, Professor Binns teaches history of magic?

  • >> Warwick Davis: I think that's false.

  • Is it true?

  • >> Saba Hamedy: It's true. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]

  • >> Warwick Davis: I'll take it over from

  • that but you got me on that one.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: [LAUGH] >> Warwick Davis: You got me

  • on that one, I think.

  • Is that in the book, where did that come from that question?

  • >> Saba Hamedy: In the book.

  • >> Warwick Davis: Okay, it must have been those pages must have been stuck together,

  • I don't know where that comes from.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Which of the following is not a Death Eater, A, Barty Crouch Jr, B,

  • Bellatrix Lestrange, C, Barty Crouch Senior, or D, Serverus Snape?

  • >> Speaker 4: C Barty Crouch Sr. >> Saba Hamedy: You got it, wow.

  • Are you the biggest Harry Potter fan?

  • >> Ed O'neil: I had no idea.

  • [LAUGH] >> Speaker 6: We do now.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Did you guys have any idea?

  • >> Ed O'neil: No. >> Speaker 6: I have a bad

  • memory for names, so.

  • >> Evanna Lynch: I love these little games.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Okay, I'll do one more real quick.

  • True or false, the room of requirement was on floor six of Hogwarts?

  • >> Evanna Lynch: Was it floor three?

  • >> Saba Hamedy: You're right but it's false.

  • >> Evanna Lynch: False. >> Saba Hamedy: But it was floor seven.

  • >> Evanna Lynch: Floor seven, okay.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: [LAUGH] Thank you.

  • First one.

  • Who's older, Fred or George?

  • >> Oliver Phelps: Fred. >> [INAUDIBLE]

  • >> Oliver Phelps: Am I right, yeah okay.

  • I knew that, I knew that.

  • It wasn't a guess, it wasn't a guess.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: You had to know?

  • [LAUGH] How many points does the team who catches the snitch get?

  • >> Tom Felton: A hundred?

  • >> Saba Hamedy: One hundred-fifty.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> Tom Felton: As you can see,

  • I am just shipshape with my Potter knowledge.

  • Thank you for embarassing me.

  • Have a good evening.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Thank you, you too.

  • What was Dudley's favorite desert?

  • A, a chocolate frog, B, a banana split, C, Knickerbocker glory, or D, pumpkin pastry?

  • >> Chris Hardwick: Knickerbocker glory sounds like a disgusting act.

  • Did he like banana splits, didn't he?

  • >> Saba Hamedy: No, Knickerbocker glory is the giant

  • sundae that [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Yeah it is, yeah it is.

  • >> Chris Hardwick: Yeah he gave him one, yeah he did.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: [LAUGH] Cuz he couldn't finish it.

  • >> Chris Hardwick: Couldn't finish it.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: Yeah. >> Chris Hardwick: It was too big.

  • >> Saba Hamedy: [LAUGH] Thank you so much.

  • >> Chris Hardwick: Thank you very much.

  • >> Speaker 10: [SOUND] I'll race you.

  • >> [SOUND] >> Speaker 11: Samsung's next big thing or

  • things, as I should say, are here and they're called the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.


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