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  • What are the best colors for higher conversion when it comes to links and buttons on the

  • web? If you've ever wondered about the answer to this question I'm going to reveal it in

  • just a minute and the answer is going to blow your mind. About a hundred years ago Hedwig

  • Von Restorff ran an interesting memory experiment. She got a list of ten items, they were all

  • distinct items on a list and she asked people to remember the items on this last. Now as

  • with all psychological experiments there is a catch, nine of the items on this list were

  • in black ink and one of the items were in blue ink. What do you think happened? When

  • she asked these research participants to recall what they remembered from this list of items

  • she found that people were more likely to remember the blue item. When you think about

  • it it makes sense the blue items stood out from the list of ten items so it grabbed more

  • attention. It made an imprint in people's minds which is why they were able to remember

  • it. Today we call this the Von Restorff effect or other people actually call the isolation

  • effec. But check it, knowing about the Von Restorff effect can be a silver bullet for

  • higher conversions. Now let's take this a little deeper, there was another experiment

  • run by Paras Chopra who is the founder of Visual Website Optimizer. Paras was trying

  • to increase the download of his free software on his blog. And here's what he did he had

  • different layouts of download link text in his sidebar and in these different layouts

  • he tried all sorts of things. He had links that were large he, had links that were small,

  • he had links that were black, he had links that were red. And in the end he found that

  • the red link, the small red link actually outperformed a larger black link. Why? Why?

  • Because he was taking advantage of the Von Restorff effect. Paras site did not use the

  • color red anywhere so when he used that color red in this particular case it stood out instead

  • of blending in. Now lets take this back to you how do you find your color? Well you just

  • have to remember this what stands out gets clicked, what blends in gets ignored. So how

  • can you start implementing this on your web design? Well you have to look at it like this,

  • your web design should have two types of colors; passive colors and action colors. So passive

  • colors make up your web design. Passive colors make up your brand your visual appeal. Action

  • colors on the other hand that's what people want to click. Action colors beckon people

  • to click links click buttons. Action colors require people to do something with that particular

  • color. So as an example you take a look at you'll notice that I use

  • very little color on my site. I actually hate colors but I use purple links on my site.

  • Why? Purple is my action color you'll notice all my hyperlinks are purple. If you go to

  • you go the top you'll see this big box with the brain it above that

  • brain is this little purple box with another purple link in there. That little box gets

  • a ton of clicks. Why? Because purple is my action color and I've trained my readers and

  • customers to know that purple means click. I'm pointing this out because even though

  • this seems like common sense I see people making this mistake all the time. It's like

  • web designers don't understand the idea between passive colors and action colors. For example

  • I actually stumbled on one website that had red links. Red links. So red links were their

  • action color. This same website had red sub headlines. Sub headlines that you couldn't

  • click. You couldn't click these sub headlines. How confusing is that? In one case red means

  • click in another case red means you can't click. How can you expect people to click

  • on your links if they don't even know what they're supposed to be clicking? This is why

  • you need a passive color and an action color. so what's the best color for your conversions?

  • The best color is whatever you set your action color to be and your action color needs to

  • pop. Your action color should take advantage of the Von Restorff effect. the action color

  • should be different than any other color on your site that way your training you readers

  • and customers to click when they see that specific color. Now I have a question for

  • you, do you have a friend that thinks there is a perfect color for high conversions on

  • the web or worse do you know someone who mixes up their action colors and their passive colors?

  • Do them a favor send them a link to this video and save their life plus you'll be helping

  • me out. Because every time I stumble on a website that mixes this up it frustrates me

  • because it's such an easy fix. So go ahead and email this link to a friend right now.

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What are the best colors for higher conversion when it comes to links and buttons on the

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What's the BEST color for high conversions?

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