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  • Someday...

  • Hey, Naresh!

  • Jason is here.

  • Bye, Mr Chandra!

  • Hey, bye bye!

  • Hey.

  • Hey.

  • How are you?

  • Well.

  • How was your day?

  • Good.

  • Someday

  • it won't matter to the world

  • if I'm gay or straight.

  • Someday

  • nobody will stare

  • or point fingers

  • or call names.

  • <whisperings> That one inside is a tranny, you know?

  • Jen...

  • Sharon said this is your favourite.

  • Someday

  • our partners will be a part of our families.

  • Someday

  • gay people will be free to

  • express themselves without censorship.

  • Someday

  • a new chapter will be written

  • for the gay people of Singapore.

  • While we wait for "someday" to arrive

  • we can do our part today

  • to make society more inclusive and open-minded.

  • We can take a stand

  • against discrimination and prejudice.

  • We can join hands to support

  • the right of every Singaporean to love.

  • Every year with Pink Dot

  • we celebrate our solidarity in diversity.

  • Every year with Pink Dot

  • we bring that "someday" a little closer.

  • And as more and more of us stand up to be counted

  • the sooner that "someday" will come.

  • So see you at Pink Dot 2012.

  • Let us make "someday" happen.


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