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  • Hi, I'm Sam Baily.

  • I'm the CEO of Kudos on Dhe.

  • Today we'll be looking at what sensible companies are doing out of the I 35 form.

  • So we are actively working with well over 200 private set to engages off varying sizes from small in.

  • Each consultant sees right through Thio 4100 Pio sees all of whom are really trying to do things properly.

  • Head of the I 35 changing.

  • Unfortunately, a lot of the stories we're seeing an impressive the moment, our involving negative reactions from particularly financial services sector, where organizations and making policy decisions about the use of personal service complete what we're not seeing is the positive stories from organizations who are actively trying to take the pragmatic insensible approach.

  • Skanska, for instance, is a company that we've been working with very large company with a diverse population of contractors.

  • They were very quick to understand the implications of I 35 but also their reliance on contractors on dhe.

  • It was a real appetite to understand how they use contractors and how they could use contractors going forward.

  • So forward thinking companies often start by assembling a multi disciplined team on to look at I 35 often involving bringing together procurement HR sometimes tax and legal.

  • So there's a really kind of oversight, a holistic oversight over the ongoing project.

  • It's also really important for companies to educate staff internally, particularly people who are gonna be involved in the process and have dealings with contractors.

  • So we've done quite obsessions with hiring managers on other relevant stakeholders, really to build up an understanding for them off if it's five in general, but also importantly the process that the company is going through on when it comes to making determinations from 9 35 perspective, communication is also key on.

  • That means communication with supplies but also very importantly, communication with contractors, contractors Roxy waiting with bated breath to see what their clients are doing.

  • And if a client is trying to do things properly, the earlier they engaged with contractors the better, because if you leave it too late, contractors will up sticks and leave.

  • A lot of companies that we've been working with have been taking a root and branch approach to looking at how they engage contractors moment, covering policies, procedures, contracts, supply chains on and General Working Practices A with a view to receiving practical recommendations about what could be changed in what could be implemented to improve their general 35 position.

  • A service we provide to client organizations are role of assessments where we'll position a set of questions at hiring managers, which will then give an indicative view as to whether a role is inside or outside I 35.

  • What the assessment will do is allow organization to picket on common themes on building understanding off what the positives and negatives are currently from 9 35 Perspective.

  • It's really important that we would never base a final determination on the roll this estimate.

  • But it gives an organization the ability to have an understanding of how things said at the moment and what potentially could be changed going forward.

  • That will alert cos thio issues that need to consider, for instance, substitution, which is obviously one of the core elements when it comes to Y 55 on something requiring organizations will never really have had to consider.

  • And often the default position will be no, you know, we wouldn't accept a substitute in the place of the original contract However, when you actually explain how the practicalities good work generally, there is a lot of buy into the fact that actually the company could implement a workable substitution policy, not something we've been doing a lot of work with private sets Cos on.

  • Obviously, by doing that, you will dramatically improve.

  • The overall vertical position on that will filter down into each engagement that you have with contractors.

  • But it's also really vital.

  • To do, though, is to involve the individual contractor in the process, especially when it comes to actually making former determinations.

  • I 35 is not just about the role itself, but also looks to ascertain whether the contract is in business on their own account.

  • Reach Contractor will have important evidence that is specific to them, which really does matter.

  • Therefore, when we are going through a determination process with the client, the contractor is always involved in that and is always able to feed in specific information is relevant to them.

  • And that's what kind then based their final decision.

  • Thank you for watching.

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Hi, I'm Sam Baily.

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