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way had a great showing of new games at e three this year.
Hi, folks.
It's Falcon in Today on game ranks, the 20 best new games of E 3 2019 just a za quick disclaimer.
These are new games stuff that has been announced before We're not going to discuss This does include a couple of games that leaked in the Build Up t three, but we're talking about games that were announced at E three.
Number 20 is out writers, basically something that's vaguely tied to the Marvel universe, at least possibly keeping in mind that Square Enix has theme, Marvel License and the out writers served fan knows.
We don't know if that actually has anything to do with this game.
We'll see.
As more information comes out, it's a quote unquote dark modern shooter that's a three player coop made by people can fly the developers behind Bullet Storm and Gears of War judgment.
It's a pretty intense looking game, a lot of fire, a lot of guns and a lot of people who look like they aren't terribly fazed by guns and a big monster who's scary.
But we don't know a lot beyond that still got to say, Looks pretty cool, though.
Number 19 is Contra Road core, which we got a trailer that shows off how over the top this game is probably going to be.
It's a twin stick shooter.
It's third person.
It's not strictly isometric or anything like that, which is nice because it's it's definitely nice to see more twins dick games, giving you a little bit more view of the action.
That being said, it does look very, very, very over the top.
It's an alien invasion game you're tasked with taking the aliens down, and that could be really good or really bad.
We will see.
I'm gonna err on the side of positive here.
It looks like fun.
Number 18 is Crossfire X, a Western adaption of the Crossfire online first person shooter that has taken Asia by storm over the last decade or so.
We really only got a cinematic trailer for it, so I can't really give you a lot of gameplay impressions.
But it did look at least cool.
It is going to have a single player campaign, and I mean, that's a good start point from a number 17 is spirit fairer, which is kind of being described as if you took the boat from the life to the afterlife and made it into animal crossing, which I know it sounds utterly absurd.
But honestly, from everything I've seen, it looks quite interesting.
There is a little bit more of a platformer influence here.
It is two D and hand painted and very pretty.
You end up taking jobs, you take souls from one side of the river to the other.
And honestly, it's an interesting an original sounding game that I think is worth a chance.
I'll definitely be giving it one.
Number 16 is roller champions, a game that looks to dethrone rocket lead.
To some extent, it's basically a roller derby again.
You're on skates, you're trying to score points.
You're knocking other people down.
And from everything that I've seen, it looks surprisingly interesting.
It doesn't a lot of respects feel like something that could very much sort of take on the audience of a rocket league.
But it's a totally different game.
It's fast, it's pretty.
There's a lot of cool animations in this, and I really want to play it.
I haven't had the opportunity to those who have actually say it's pretty darn good.
So So I'm definitely looking forward to roller champions.
Number 15 is no more heroes.
Which if you are familiar with the previous games, it's a very quirky assassin game that's filled with absurdity.
There's probably no better way to put it than that.
What we've seen in the trailer here is some power armor we've seen kind of, ah, Catanha, lightsaber thing.
And in every way it looks as absurd as the previous games, which we haven't seen one since 2010 at least of the core actual games.
And it would be cool to jump back into Travis Touchdowns World.
Coming in at 14 gods and monsters is like Greek Zelda, and that's obviously not how they're marketing it.
I've heard the words innovative use while describing and well, maybe kinda, Zelda.
That's not bad, though I'm not angry about that.
Breath of the Wild is a great game.
Honestly, I'd like to see more people actually take into account the things that brother the wild does.
So when we get the people who made Assassin's Creed odyssey to be making a clearly inspired by Zelda Open World Zelda ish looking game.
I'm definitely not mad.
I'm intrigued.
I'm excited.
I want to play it Coming in at 13.
Ghost Wire Tokyo is a pretty intense, fairly innovative looking concept in which people are disappearing in a dystopian city.
Obviously, it's an exaggerated Tokyo, and we see some ties to various myths in places you in a position tau unravel conspiracies and take on the occult.
I really like the games tagline.
Don't fear the own known Attack it.
I think it's like, all right, I don't know even what it specifically means by attack it.
It may just mean take it on.
Don't be afraid of it.
Go in whatever.
I just I think that's a very interesting perspective, especially given how creepy the trailer actually is given.
It comes from Shinji Mikami, the famed resident evil visionary, and Takumi Nakamura, who has the kind of enthusiasm for this project you would want.
I'm there.
I can't wait to play.
This, I think, is gonna be unique.
And at number 12 Pistol Whip is a V R gam.
That makes me go.
Hey, maybe the our games could be very cool really quickly.
The developers of this game, say the words John Wick, about 400 times in the announcement video.
And I know exactly why, because it is a rhythm slash shooting game that seems a lot like the club scene in the original John Wick as a rhythm gam.
They talk very specifically about how it's about reaction time, quick accuracy and trying to get you to feel as though you are an action hero in that type of a situation.
It looks amazing as somebody who needs a little bit more selling on V R games.
This was probably the first V R game that I've just immediately been like, Yes, that's for me.
I'm really looking forward to getting into Pistol Whip and it 11.
Tales of a Rise is obviously the newest Tales game.
It is a J R P G, and he looks very nice.
Tales of Birds Area came out in 2017.
It's a great game.
If you haven't played it, you should end.
Tales of a rise looks to be just basically building on that, basically what you would want from a J R.
The intent apparently, is to update the combat system, but it sounds like the story has to do with a large entity ruling over a planet, stripping people of their dignity, researches and freedom.
We all know what we're coming to J R P gs for, and it sounds like exactly what I might want.
I love the tail.
Siri's Give me more of the tail.
Siri's coming in at number 10 Lego Star Wars.
The Skywalker saga is, of course, the Lego Star Wars, which is not the most serious retelling of the Star Wars movies here.
It's going to be the entire nine film Skywalker saga, which makes me very intrigued.
It obviously won't be coming out before the final film of that saga, so obviously it's not going to spoil anything for anybody.
But still, that's a clever idea, saying, Hey, we're going to do it for all the movies you're gonna buy one game you're gonna play through all the movies and signature Lego Star Wars style.
I'm there.
I like Lego.
Star Wars is fun.
It's goofy, it's silly.
It's a good release, and it's still Star Wars.
Coming in at number nine, Rainbow six.
Quarantine kinda has the looks of a more modern aliens concept with more of like a blob type, disease type, probably zombie tight situation going on.
It's a three player coop shooter, and that, to me sounds very interesting.
Given it is a Rainbow six title, it's most likely taking where they went without break and going with that.
I think that's good.
That's something I want.
I think that concept could work very good as a co op shooter, but we'll also have to wait to find out more because they were very vague about this game.
And number eight carry on is a game that they're calling a reverse horror again for the reason that you play is the monster rather than the people trying to get away from the monster, the premises.
You, the monster, are imprisoned in a facility.
You're being studied and you escape.
In a way, it looks very much like a Metro Vania to me as well as kind of a physics puzzle platformer, but like much more violent, much more disturbing in its animation and, honestly, really, really good to me looking at this, this just looks like such a great idea.
It's not impossible to think of what if you were the monster, of course, but for the most part, that type of game isn't really done often or well, Evolve comes to mind.
But making it as what looks like a Metro Vania, or at least close to it as well, is really smooth looking.
I think carry on is going to be a winner, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.
Number seven is bleeding edge, which at the moment we're looking at what seems to kind of be a hero shooter in the vein of Overwatch, albeit very punk oriented and a lot more chaotic.
The reason for this is this is a melee oriented game, which is a very different prospect than Overwatch.
Now we've seen some pretty cool Malay games lately, and this comes to us from ninja Theory, the developers of Hell Blade, which is nothing like this.
They claim it's been in development a number of years, but I don't know.
I don't know exactly what to make of it just yet.
It looks cool, though.
I'll say that if the gameplay is actually enjoyable by the time the game comes out, I think it'll probably be a big thing because again.
It looks cool.
And I like the idea of a melee Overwatch.
And at number six, Death Loop.
Oh, I am so excited to see Death Loop is a first person action game coming to you from the creators of dishonored, which, if you know me and you know my proclivity towards the dishonored franchise, I'm ready for more from arcane.
Thanks for stepping in and announcing something.
Death Loop is about to quote unquote extraordinary assassins who clearly cannot be killed.
Like from the trailer.
They're killing each other and then they reappear and then they fight again, and we don't know exactly what that means, But it looks cool as hell.
And it's in our can game so we can assume that there's some kind of supernatural element to it.
I can't wait.
Luke looks awesome coming in at number five Eldon Ring, which is a collaboration between From Software meaning he did talk a Miyazaki and George R.
Martin of a song and Ice and fire slash game of Thrones Fan.
Now what we have seen of it is very minimal, and I think you'll probably hear me say that a lot.
But I do have to say I think it has the look, so to speak, obviously.
I mean from software.
Look, it goes a little bit more high fantasy and from what we've heard so far is going to be more like dark souls in second row.
And it's going to be bigger than anything they've done before coming in at number four Blair, which is definitely something different.
I mean, if there was ever a movie that was kind of made in a perfect manner to be a video game, it's Blair Witch.
And for whatever reason, we never really got any attempts to adapt it.
Blair, which being a kind of low budget horror movie that scared the pants off a lot of people because they thought it was really they're not really been a lot of found footage, movies up until that point, and for whatever reason, nobody's really done like a full blown.
Hey, I'm gonna attempt to make this movie, but as a game in that respect, this looks very promising.
They're really nailed quite a feel from the trailer that I think is very conducive to what that game would be, and I really look forward to finding out more about it.
And at number three Boulders, Gate three is a sequel to the long thought Dead.
Siri's Baltar's Gate, of course, and in truth, we've seen a very minimal amount of this game.
We just got a cinematic trailer.
We just know that it exists.
The deaths were on stage.
They talked a little bit.
Not a lot.
I think we are all excited to know that the developers of divinity original sin, too, are making the next Baltar's get game.
I mean, that's a big piece of information, but beyond that, we have lots of questions.
We saw no game play.
We got no riel specifics.
But hey, we know we're going to get Boulders Gate three before half life three right?
That's a pretty interesting fact.
And at number two watchdogs, Legion is an ambitious jump in the wash dog.
Obviously, when the original came out, there were certain expectations, and they didn't quite manage it.
But watchdogs to, on the other hand, was a huge jump.
Now, rather than rest on their laurels, it looks very much like they're attempting to do even more.
That's great because watchdogs, too, is a significantly better game than watchdogs.
One in a lot of ways they do attempt to continue the path they were on with watchdogs, too.
But they're adding things like a recruitment system on old lady you can play, as which I'm not going to complain about.
That's hilarious, and it seems like with watchdogs, too.
They delivered on the promise of Grand Hack auto, and it seems like they're expanding.
I'm excited to see what they do with it.
It's in London.
It's very different, setting wise and looks cool to make.
And finally, number one Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild to like.
Let's just go ahead and be very frank here.
All the breath of the wild is a great game.
It's a game that sometimes takes a little bit of time to warm up to because it is very restrictive, very limiting and can be pretty harsh regarding your weapons.
But once you get into it, it's amazing, and seeing it gone and kind of not having things to do in anymore was kind of sad in a way.
Lo and behold, in 10 does like a we're gonna give you more of that all right, Nintendo.
I'm there for it.
Which of these games are you most interested in?
What shows the most potential?
What do you think will be the coolest when it actually comes out?
Leave us a comment.
Let us know what you think.
And if you're not, subscribe, Now's a great time to do so.
We have a brand new videos every day of the week in the best way to see them first is, of course, a subscription.
So click the subscribe button and the notification bell.
As always, we thank you very much for watching this video.
I'm Falcon.
You can follow me on Twitter at Falcon Hero.
We'll see you next time right here on game rings.
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20 Best NEW Games of E3 2019

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 13, 2020
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