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like farmers like battlefield 50 nice.
Oh, yeah.
Do you have your got training mode footage?
But I got glitch intimate.
Let's see this.
I wonder about this.
All right, So this is, um this is a war zone gameplay training.
This is training motor, right?
So if you guys like the training mode, this is exactly what it looks like.
This is from ah, from my boy over here, man.
How do I have not had mod or V I p on.
Listen, we'll we'll change that right now, brother calls.
I got you, baby.
What is this game?
Oh, dude, it's called it a war zone.
It's the battery out for full duty.
Look at this.
This is a training mode.
I got you dumb.
I got you.
Fucking the door will grow.
I'd be so mad.
I'm just I'm really curious.
Oh, hit it.
Weapon on a case of love you.
This is basically look at the subtitles.
I love it.
Dude, I did not realize that that there was actual, like, people dropping in and actually being able to play this.
You have a cat off.
Lucky him, and he's just he's vibing today, man.
Is it free?
It is completely free to play guys completely, Completely afraid of free to play some class of weapons used.
Same ammo, which is nice.
Oh, yeah.
So I would assume pretty much like all the all the airs and whatnot.
Fuck the ideas of Kill Street.
Yeah, the kill streaks.
We're gonna kind of suck.
Okay, so right there, hold up.
If we actually go back, you can kind of see right there.
Ah, there it is.
So this is assault rifle slash L m G.
So they kind of took out like the 556 or the whatever, you know, whatever.
The 56205 the ammo.
337 They made it just assault rifle.
And l m g, which is really nice block C.
I'll give you a kiss.
Right on the lips, brother.
Any day of the week.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate the follow baby.
Appreciate your simple, like fortnight ammo.
That's what they need.
All right, so there's a re supply contract.
All right.
Okay, I'm a sub, and that'll followed.
That's always how goes books You actually just get to the sub is well, fucking dope, man.
How you doing today, boss?
Next objective.
Okay, so when you get a contract, you can actually Okay.
Heartbeat sensor.
Oh, do that sick.
Push it up tight.
That's sick.
Okay, so the heartbeat sensor, we'll go back here.
All right, Dom, Literally.
You chill before I kiss you, bro.
All right, so all right.
You can see there's an uncommon Now look when he opens up this heartbeat sensor, basically, look at that.
So you can basically, if there's like somebody camping in a building or not, you can use this heartbeat sensor right here, and you could actually tell exactly where they are.
That's so nice.
That's nice.
I wonder, though.
Can I get a confirmation if there's a, um if there is a light, cold blooded a mod or ah, cold blooded class where you can kind of just, like, stay away from the heartbeat sensor that because I'd be interesting as well, I wonder.
I'm from breaking some plain words on 100%.
Man, not home in my town isn't on my spicy.
It's on every council multi council.
Just like how I called didi modern warfare's, but it's just not Oh, look at that.
It's a legendary Ram.
Wait, What is that?
Yo, Sim.
Thank you so much, man.
Appreciate your brother.
How you doing today?
Um, we'd That's not a ram.
That's an a K 47 but it's a legendary.
I wonder what the All right.
So basically, I guess it has Ahh.
Double weapon expiate as X.
Is that double weapon X p double X p.
And more money.
More currency for your system.
By the way, Those guys, if you guys are new to the stream right now and you guys are watching this.
Ah, this is war zone.
Game play.
This is the ah, this is the war zone.
Training a motor.
Um, those air for completing the contract.
Okay, so when you do this Oh, do.
That's so weird.
What's It's so weird to me.
So weird.
This this separate client of free to play?
Yes, it is, Yes.
100% Thermal silence.
A k.
Sounds like an attachment to me.
Yeah, What's I'm very confused about?
That, I guess, are a So what I'm thinking here is they say there's no attachments.
I guess chaos made.
It might have just messed up when he was talking about it.
I would assume that there's no attachments for you to put on your gun.
But the gun that you use has has said attachments.
That's what I'm assuming right here.
Yep, There it is.
There it is.
There's a ram's wait that was definitely not in a K.
So it's a thermal Silence ram.
Oh, that's interesting.
Looks good for a free to play 100% dude call.
Did he never never fails when it comes to their battery.
I love to black out and I'm gonna love this.
There's a gas mask.
All right, that's nice.
Least he swapped the attachments.
Did he?
Though we normally we did he Let's see this street starring Yeah, the streets kind of suck.
No, I don't think he did.
Tactical flash.
It says the flash.
There's a certain medical syringe and a gas mask.
Okay, Circle defense.
Oh, I wonder if that's gonna be used.
I called is I hate you, God damn it.
So there's no stamp.
There's Tim.
I mean, I guess like the medical supplies probably like the step.
Wait, no there ist, um because that's what he just grabbed before earlier.
This is supply station, our supply station.
This is basically the equipment that you convey by as well, So armour plate bundle, air streaks.
Um, Chiltern a cluster.
Oh, that's disappointing.
That is so disappointing.
Okay, so u A V is 4000.
I wonder how much it's gonna show unless it's just kind of like a sweep of like, a general location.
Um, cluster strike is 3500.
That sucks.
I'm actually gonna have is 21 k.
That's not bad, actually.
How do you get this game play?
One of my friends is actually he dropped into a, um into a ah into a game mode and he got blitzed footage.
But we actually just watch an unlisted video from chaos, Chaos, silencers, while on the actual war zone game Play itself like this is the training mode right here.
So ah, he says that you can the max you can have his 21 k for the supply station like your currency, and this is how much they cost.
So, basically, chaos was right about the cluster strike.
The u A v all the precision airstrike.
Everything being very cheap and probably being spammy needs to be longer than 15 seconds.
Let's see this.
Actually, that's not the Max.
You could probably get more, but there's a limit in training mode.
Okay, but okay.
It's so weird to me, man.
All right, let's see how this works.
Okay, so it's basically like how the actual called duty mostly player goes.
That's a shame.
Oh, man, that's tough.
People are gonna get paste, man.
Pull up a seat for you.
She'll tear it.
Oh, man.
Meth E.
You might not want to show this.
You get band riffed.
The, uh, embargo basically got lifted unintentionally because of twitch the ah.
So what happened?
The woods, which is?
They accidentally showed game the actually show the ad.
So, basically, once that happens, the the embargo is basically lifted.
Yeah, it's all fair game right now, which is crazy crazy to think.
Thank you, Twitch.
To which we love you men.
We love you not banning my favorite eager Elin ity and doing this.
Oh, fuck.
Hold up.
I want to see exactly know banning here yet.
I mean, hopefully not.
And how we're gonna watch the streams.
When the game comes out.
See, this is a party man has been banned Fucking a rib.
I'm gonna I'm gonna stop it as soon as it hits you a B.
We're gonna pause the video and we're actually check it out itself.
So it shows enemy looking.
That's not very That's not very helpful.
But let's see U A V Look up way.
The beginning flyover way is the U A v showing enemies or is it using?
Showing Okay, Never mind.
Your TV is like a low local scanning dar.
Okay, a cent.
A local censored art.
Okay, Perfect.
My streets, man.
They got it.
They gotta ruin br somehow, I guess, Man, we need sniper footage.
Yeah, I don't think, um Tool, Do you have any, uh, any sniping game plan?
This curious?
A really, really wonder.
Based, like the old M w three survival.
We had to buy armor and streaks.
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking right now.
Think so.
I can't remember.
Let's find out.
We're about to find out right now.
Drop Get ice is the drop kit.
Oh, Okay.
Hold up.
Let's quickly go through here.
Right now do you have to have a model?
We're gonna play it.
Completely free to play, guys.
You don't have to download MW at all.
So you can have, like, inside vehicle, Second wind holdout SMG running gunshot, the snipers.
So right here is the peak.
Am the ride shield, and then you have perks as well.
So you have quick fix over killing shrapnel and okay, Yeah.
All you need is PlayStation plus Xbox Live or be a PC.
Free to play nerd.
And you're golden.
Don't actually go through each of these right here.
And then the car 98 level one.
I guess you can level up your sniper, but that doesn't make sense to me, All right?
Anyways, um, it's free to play.
No, no, It says you do need in the, um, in the ad for the, uh, the switch ad.
It says all you need is position.
Plus, that said, those are just the fall classes.
You can custom also make this class is custom.
Okay, that's interesting.
Okay, that's exciting.
The weekend quake scope in as long as we're gonna drop.
Kid, that's exciting.
Is this thing on Yo, Bosio.
What's up, baby?
How you doing today, man?
You know, it's officially coming out.
I believe it's coming out.
They're either gonna pull the trigger today, which I highly doubt because it's a Monday, or they're gonna put our They're definitely pulling the trigger Tuesday, no matter what, it's coming out Tuesday.
I'm a cool guy.
Oh, gee, red circles guy.
So here's the armor plates medium.
Okay, So no wonder the fuck is this man?
God damn.
Yo, what's up?
How you doing today?
Says March 10th.
That's today way saying you're living in the damn.
You're living in the future, brother.
It is.
It's the ninth right now for us.
So it's definitely coming out.
Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.
You're a good man.
Just running.
Ready for tomorrow.
Uh, how are you doing?
I'm doing amazing.
Thank you for asking, but they're honestly sounds a meal for real.
It's Monday for your damn Yeah, man, I'm living damn pass out here, bro.
I'm brain dead.
Seconds it good.
And were you?
It's called teamwork.
So you can drop.
You can literally drop anything.
You could drop your money.
You can drop armor bullets, and I'm not exactly sure what that thing in between.
The money and the armor plates are looking so damn fine.
I'm a kiss you right on the lips, bro.
Don't fucking me, man.
Ah, If I have a full game play if you want a link, what is it for?
Actually, is that the?
Is that the chaos?
Silence or video?
Listen, definitely link it.
I'm definitely not on.
Watch it.
I'm I'm rearing to watch that shit, man.
I would love to get more out of here itself.
Revive token.
Oh, that's actually sick.
All right, So you can self provide us.
Well, that's exciting.
Uh, yeah.
Chaos is video idea to our bed.
What is that?
A battle that's so exciting, Men.
That is so exciting.
Go back a few seconds and I showed it.
Wait, What was it exactly?
All the self revive.
Okay, let's see it.
Look, we'll go back here a second, and then we'll watch the chaos Media one more time.
In case you guys, you knew and you haven't seen it already.
Kind of go through and just make sure you know is also its whatever kind of made Oh, true.
I'm definitely gonna actually click on that as well.
To make a profile picture like Mars.
God damn it.
I was right before you drop armor.
Careful with teamwork.
You might win.
All right, so here one sec, will see this real quick.
You could draw in your inventory for your team.
This is called teamwork.
I see.
Yeah, it is a cell for by token.
That's crazy, man.
It's so crazy to me, so yeah, basically, they said they'd l Guys, I hope you're as excited as I am for this is this is this is actually so quick.
This is not for night.
This is not for tonight.
I don't think so.
At least that's so exciting.
I wonder how much on when you drop how much ammo you have in your pistols.
Well, let's quickly see this.
So he's gonna drop right here.
Ah, you can cut your parachute.
L one.
So look around.
I didn't realize you were alive.
Didn't know it's all good sizzle.
Don't worry about it.
All right?
So you get about 30 40 bullets in your pistol to start off, okay?
Dude, that's so nuts, man.
I'm interested.
But I have no idea, man.
I mean shit, Yes.
We're gonna find out tomorrow as nice man.
That's so nice.
I wonder if when you drop from buildings, you can actually parachute as well.
Or if you die.
I don't think he didn't show it all.
Chaos didn't kill.
Freed is the same.
I don't see anything in the kill feed.
Although, let's quickly let's go back and let's see the gameplay of him killing the guy.
Let's see if there's anything with this right here.
Yeah, same thing.
Same exact thing is as before.
So that's exciting.
The BR montages.
Oh, my gosh.
Can't wait.
This is basically this is basically ah, Battle Royale, guys.
Now, if you guys do wanna link to the video, if you guys Listen, I didn't I didn't give you this link, Remember that I didn't give you a link.
Uh um No, seriously, if you want you like thistles, the most exciting part right here, like going into the gulag showers.
Let's quickly that's full screen.
This real quick, man.
Ah, that's a complaint right now.
Remove kill streets have removed the idea of legendary weapons.
And please make it based on Rajan's guns killing ability.
I mean, pretty much.
It seems like it.
How did I get a watch streak?
You gain your kill streaks through, um, currency.
So you just go to AA airdrop like the Like how it was over here in this gameplay.
Yeah, This right here, the drop kit or whatever this is.
What is this?
Right here?
We'll go back a second.
I got you guys right.
Supply stations.
So you go to a supply station, and basically anything you need is right here.
So here's your armor plate.
Here's gas mask, precision airstrike shelter, a cluster strike, U A v ah, ammunitions box and dropkick marker.
And then the dropkick marker you drop and you get a get a chance to get us a legendary weapons.
That's exciting right there.
Well, who e mailed me this link in my spam folder?
You always know what it looks like.
Is there any bullet drop?
Can we get confirmation on bullet drop or not?
I'm not sure if you did test.
That's Ah, Legendary room seven only had three attachments, which wasn't bad at all.
Yep, yep, Um, yes.
So if you have any idea on the if there's any, um, any bullet drop that being nice is Well, I'm not sure if you tested it, cause I know in the training zone, there was a lot of Ah, a lot of you know, this is boring.
I don't know, man.
I like it.
I like it a lot.
That's so sick, man.
So it even tells you, like when in the gulag it says how many rounds you have until you fight.
Um, that's so exciting.
You could throw rocks at people captured prisoner.
Oh, my God.
Level up from the supply station.
Get better stuff through contracts.
That's exciting.
Method of sniping montage is gonna be fucked.
I can't wait.
Especially if you have custom classes like Holy shit.
Damn men.
Whoever is one be wanting.
If you have a partner that died with you, you could be spectating him while he is fighting his one V one.
And you could trick shots of being saying I love it.
I love it.
You can throw rocks.
Damn, man has to go log work waiting for your turn.
How does it exactly work?
Throw down on the unity which actually stuns them.
It help your teammate out in there would be one.
Now with that was there's all kinds of different versions of the gulag, so it's not going to be the same every time.
And if you will come back here, you drop back.
All right?
So, basically, when you if you win the one, the one you think the video for people to watch, you know, I did already.
I did.
There were, um Yeah, basically, if you, uh if you win the one of you one, you go back to fighting peace would be open on this, I think Oh, did 100%.
I'm just trying to figure out exactly how you get into the gulag.
That more here in a minute.
The gulag.
You've heard it.
You just I'm curious.
So let's see this eye for the first time For the first time when it gets to a certain part of the match, this is not possible.
But until then, okay, if you die, you go into the gulag and you are going to one V one for your life and being able to come back with your team.
But it's not just that.
All right.
So that's basically how you do that, then.
So that's exciting.
So when you die, um, I don't know if it was over here.
I think we did skim past it, and I was showing you guys like the layout of it.
Um, when he showed, like, the maps they're holed up.
I think we have a right here.
All right, So when he drops down, what they said was, there's all kinds of different versions of the Gulag, so it's not going to be all right.
There we are.
So there's the There's the gulag right now.
So there's 16 people in the Q right now.
There's a 15.
I assume there's a 20 minute time limit for the gulag.
Said to go away.
The winner mash in the gulag, return to the war zones.
That's exciting.
All right, so that's basically how that works.
And that's exciting.
When he died during set, Simon sets in the gulag.
If you wanna wanna be one of response without having to brought it out, if you die, though, you have to get brought out by it through supply stations.
Okay, Okay.
So basically, after after the gulag.
Um Ah.
And either you have to get out about it, OK?
OK, yeah.
So basically, in the beginning of the match, if you if you're here for this time limit and you you die, you go to the gulag, then you have the one V one.
So it's gonna have a lot of skins.
I know.
I don't think it's gonna have a lot of skins.
Is basically whatever you have in modern warfare right now.
That's what Ah, through what Chaos said.
Yeah, that's a sky swell Comm do war zone tomorrow.
Super excited, Super super excited.
But I don't know, man.
I guess we'll find out exactly how it goes when we see you know when I am.
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19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 13, 2020
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