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  • you ready?

  • Oh, my God!

  • This is unbelievable.

  • Dr.

  • Growl you have are really See you.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Could be so exciting.

  • Come on.

  • Aren't we late?

  • Don't go into 10 o'clock.

  • That are everything.

  • Let me get my paper.

  • Come on, let's go.

  • All right, hit the ground running.

  • I've done a lot of study.

  • What?

  • They told you I did all my homework.

  • I want I have not seen any of Fosse bargain.

  • I saw all eight hours.

  • I saw Richard Jewell and I have a couple of questions already that I've devised, all being anxious to get another segment producer.

  • Oh, great.

  • And so this last part of the thing that you'll say, Reggie, do have a question for any of our guests.

  • Reggie, do you have a question for any of our spectacular gifts that he will ask something absolutely insane in a name?

  • Do sink.

  • That's some time.

  • You might not know people you think you know.

  • Yeah, really magical.

  • Shortly for our number.

  • Are you again?

  • Okay, now we're talking.

  • How's your vocal?

  • Good.

  • Oh, my gosh.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Wait.

  • I like you very much with this big because we're looking for funny names?

  • Or is this too?

  • Obviously funding The mesh Becher's The Mesh Becher's sound Jeff, go, go!

  • See you at the end.

  • I got a couple of good laughs from the creative game.

  • I think this boat so well, Mr Cordon is away.

  • But we've spoken and I'm wildly familiar with the lesson plan you do.

  • Just the other day I was cut off.

  • The guy was so rude.

  • He was distracting.

  • Was singing karaoke A.

  • He was a total jerk.

  • And you know who was in the passenger seat?

  • Harry Styles?

  • Yeah, I think he was singing Karaoke E And you know who was in the passenger seat?

  • Harry Styles.

  • Cheer comes at the end of a rush here and oh, he's making fun of James Court.

  • Thank you.

  • I've never worn a lawyerly Wall Street like that of anyone.

  • Wait, Did you see the principal wonderful woman with whom I was dancing?

  • That was my wife, Emily.

  • Knee slappers systems with topical nature.

you ready?

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