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  • well now to the dangerous new viral trend making the rounds on Tic Tac.

  • It's called the Skull Breaker Challenge.

  • In two New Jersey students are now facing charges for doing it after seriously injuring another child.

  • Aerial Russia is here in aerial.

  • This has some big consequence.

  • It sure does.

  • Amy.

  • It's yet another dangerous viral prank.

  • Sweeping social media.

  • The Skull Breaker challenge, already landing several kids in the hospital with serious injuries.

  • Now a family from New Jersey is sharing their 13 year old son's story toe warn others.

  • Videos like this 1 may only be a few seconds, but the frightening aftermath can last much longer.

  • This skull breaker challenge is as dangerous as it sounds to people full and unsuspecting.

  • Third into jumping into the air, kicking their feet right out from under them, all captured on video and shared on tic tac.

  • After falling victim to the challenge, Stacey and Mark Shankar's son was rushed to the hospital.

  • My son ended up having a seizure with the traumatic brain injury and a concussion with loss of consciousness.

  • Now the two students who challenged the boy are facing assault charges.

  • If you do something and you make a mistake, it could ruin your life forever.

  • It could ruin somebody else's life forever.

  • Authorities and doctor's warning the challenges.

  • Putting those targeted at significant risk.

  • If you hit head first, you can have a skull fracture, a hematoma on the outside of the skull or even bleeding within the brain.

  • And the Shankar's son, not the only one suffering serious injuries resulting from the viral.

  • Dare.

  • I couldn't feel my hands.

  • I couldn't feel my legs, My fee.

  • Nothing.

  • 13 year old Kathleen DeJesus was rushed to the hospital from her middle school in Massachusetts after being targeted by her peers.

  • I was thinking like Oh my God, I'm going to lose my life for this game.

  • I should have never done it.

  • It's really harrowing to see those videos.

  • And Tic Tac says it is removing all skull breaker videos from its platform.

  • Authorities are now urging parents to talk to your kids about the dangers of these trends.

  • They can seem funny, but as evidence by all of those stories, they are so dangerous and they have lasting consequences.

  • Those videos air so hard to watch.

  • I hope parents were listening.

  • Thank you area Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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well now to the dangerous new viral trend making the rounds on Tic Tac.

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