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In Oahu we always have the Triple Crown
and they're doing the Sunset Contest now.
The girls don't have a contest now, which sucks, but the guys contest
is just right here. So it's kinda cool our house is right here.
Staying on Sunset Beach was so amazing.
We pretty much just get to wake up and look at the waves
and see how beautiful it is.
Everything about staying on the beach is so magical...
just hearing the waves while you're sleeping.
I'm so thankful that Rip Curl got us the house in pretty much the best spot you could possibly ask for.
It's just such a unique wave, there's nowhere that compares to it that I've surfed.
It's so open and there's so much water moving. It's kind of like a famous break.
So it's really cool to surf.
It's definitely a good thing to be here for any surfer.
And I think that's why everyone is here, it's pretty much the place to be
We always have the Triple Crown
And they're doing the Sunset Contest now.
The girls don't have a contest now, which sucks...
but the guys contest is just right here. So it's kinda cool are house is right here.
Right now our guys our losing and we're freaking out.
We might throw a chair or something. We don't know who this girl is behind us...
There's a wave right now. Oh my god there's Sebastian Zetz
We were pretty much in the prime spot to watch the Sunset Contest
We were screaming and just cheering on our friends and Sebastian. It was really exciting.
It was pretty much the perfect place you could be.
Let's see how everyone is doing
OK Jessie is in 4th, Sebastian is in 2nd!
Sebastian Zetz is from the island of Kauai. We all grew up with him.
And he is doing amazing, he won the first contest for the Triple Crown.
And now he made the semi-finals so we really really want him to win win win
He could win the Triple Crown, that's a huge huge accomplishment
Ohh Sebastian is going! Woooooooooo! Wait you guys, let's run
I'm in the webisode? I made the webisode!
ANNOUNCER: "Sebastian Zetz is going for back to back wins."
"Hasn't been done since the year 2000, when Sonny Garcia won the Hawaiian Pro"
"and the World Cup back to back."
The Finals are just always exciting, I always get nervous for everyone.
Doing good in the Triple Crown, especially for Hawaiians, it's almost like winning a World Title
Cuz it's so special, and everyone from home like knows about it. It's what you, like, wait for.
This has been like the second year of no women's events in Hawaii
It kind of makes me, I mean I'm not, like jealous of the guys...
I'm just like, gosh I want a contest so bad in Hawaii, because its where I could show people how I really surf
And there's actually waves over three feet
It's a bummer that women don't have a contest there, and I really hope it comes back.
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Alana Blanchard Hawaii Surfing & Vans Triple Crown of Surf, Ep 202

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阿多賓 published on January 17, 2014
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