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  • Hello everybody! Today we will be talking about the literary term called "metaphor".

  • Metaphors, are usually used to compare things in a clever or imaginative way. It is also

  • one of the most commonly used literary devices. Unlike similes, metaphors do not use the words

  • ""like" or "as". Instead, metaphors explicitly compare the 2 unlike things, with a veryi

  • important similarity. It can describe resemblence, be used to represent a symbol, or an emblem.

  • Here's an example of a metaphor. He was such a cow, he ate all the food. . He is being

  • compared to a cow, because cows eat a lot, but he is not actually, a cow.

  • The author of Dr. Heidegger's, experiment, uses a metaphor, too. The author makes the

  • magic elixir a metaphor for sins, and gives us the message that doing too many sinful

  • actions will Meventually hurt us. Metaphors emphasize the main features of the

  • items being compared. They might not be very similar, but there is always one feature that

  • connects them. Here is a metaphor by Richard Brautigan. "The road was very bleak, wandering

  • like the handwriting of a dying person over the hills".Roads and handwriting do not have

  • much in common, but the author connects them in a way that we understand, and creates a

  • picture in our minds of that road. Metaphors enhance literature by helpingh us visualize

  • ,almost exactly, what the author is thinking, as he writes his work

  • To further enhance the imagery and visualization, authors combine metaphors with other literary

  • devices, like personification and hyperbolees. These are what make authors write so descriptively.

Hello everybody! Today we will be talking about the literary term called "metaphor".

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