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  • Activision have left us in the dark for too long now, and we as a community must take immediate action to strike back.

  • So I want us to unite as a community because together we are strong and we can fight back.

  • So what I have is a call to action for you guys.

  • Something that we can allow do.

  • Well, 97.8% of you on that is tweets.

  • Activision, your best dick pic with the hashtag dicks out for war zone, and we can end this tyranny.

  • What's that guy's is average old make an average content for the average viewer.

  • And here we are, nearly three weeks after our initial teaser for the modern warfare Battle Royale mode and we still no less than Jon Snow.

  • So in times like this, when the deaths aren't willing to give us any information, it comes down to us as a community to speculate and let our imaginations run wild with no due care or attention without limiting our expectations.

  • So when we finally do get something official, we will undoubtedly be disappointed because we have built this thing up to be bigger than it could ever be for.

  • Luckily, we have a few people within the community who are still offering up some leaks in today.

  • We have a few new leaks I would like to discuss with you good people.

  • But before I go on, let's see if we can hit 50 likes on today's video.

  • And if you knew here on like, poorly crafted and close to the edge, metaphors in jokes that would make even wreckage of Ace cringe alongside call of duty tips and new information, then it would be amazing if you've subscribed.

  • Celeste.

  • Talk about it.

  • So many of you guys will know that for years and years we have been blessed by the leaks of the gaming revolution, her person who to this day remains a complete mystery.

  • Legend has it that he doesn't even have any inside sources but is in fact simply psychic.

  • And he isn't even a man, but an idea.

  • An effigy like a God or Chiana Reeves just getting He's a ginger skinny kid from the north of England, but in all seriousness, his leaks are top class when we have some more to talk about today.

  • So a few weeks ago, the gaming revolution tweeted out that the war zone gameplay testing was coming across extremely campy and slow.

  • And I mean, I can understand why, if you think about how goddamn campy the multiplayer is already in fact so campy that the Jonas Brothers are even thinking about making Piccadilly the set for the new camp broke movie God, that was awful.

  • Anyway, a couple of days ago that gave me a revolution tweeted that there have been some changes to the modern warfare game play details and they are as follows.

  • So firstly, gunfire will show up on the mini map.

  • Now, this is something that we have had in call of duty for years and years.

  • If you shoot a gun, you were a pair is a little red dot on the minimum.

  • However, as I'm sure you are all aware in modern warfare, this feature is completely missing.

  • However, if this leak is true, then we will be seeing a return to this in war zone.

  • Now, the way I see it, this could go one of two different ways.

  • The way I hope that it will work is that gunfire will only appear on the mini map within a certain vicinity of the player.

  • This would mean that if you were far away enough from a person, you could take a shot with a sniper rifle and still remain off the radar.

  • Also, I'm hoping that you will be able to stay off of the radar if you're using a silencer slash suppressor is this will mean that if you find a suppressor, it will give you a big advantage and open up your tactics for even more stealthy gameplay.

  • The other way that this could go is that every one of the 200 people shots will be visible on the radar, in which case the edge of your mini map would just constantly be read.

  • And there will not be any point in having this mechanic it'll, but we'll have to see about that one now next.

  • He said that during the final circle, a U.

  • A V will swipe the area, revealing everybody's position, which should stop people from hiding in a bloody safe space, crying, surrounded by a hundredweight of claymores, just waiting to third party, the last team and completely shit'll over their day.

  • Now, as we know, Ghost will be available as a perk in war zone on Because restoring some of the league's training ground game play, you were able to buy a U A V with plunder, so it will be interesting to see how this will work within the setting of the final circle.

  • Obviously, perks will be a little item, so it would make sense that if you were lucky enough to find it, you will remain invisible in the final circle.

  • This could work awesome, paired with a suppressor and what's the rest of your team?

  • Make a load of noise and suppress the enemy.

  • You would be able to slither along the tour grass like a heavily armored snake and absolutely smashed the enemy from behind.

  • So it will be interesting to see now.

  • The other thing that I wanted to talk about is something else at the gaming revolutions we did, he said.

  • It seems that they have made war zone a lot more casual.

  • Friendly.

  • There is a tactical side to it, but this seems like it's going to be very different from what we're used to.

  • Interesting to see how it plays out could be like a fun mosh pit, and I'm not sure exactly what to make of this.

  • But he also said things that have been data mined suggests that armor and helmets may not be part of the game anymore.

  • Andi.

  • Furthermore, health regeneration will work.

  • The same is it doesn't call multi player now.

  • Personally, I'm actually all up for this, but I'm being honest.

  • The infantry management of BR games is always annoyed me, especially when you're mid gunfight and you need to manage your armor or he'll at least this way you enter every gun fight on pretty much equal health is your opponent because as long as you're not getting third party straight away, you should have had enough time to regenerate your health and also what's wrong.

  • The subject of health Anoma.

  • Hopefully, this system that we have in place will eliminate the feeling that you get in.

  • Most other be ours.

  • But you have been shooting a multitude of airsoft guns at your enemies with 50,000 hit markers just for them to duck behind some cover and get back to full house or worse, just start building the Empire State Building right in front of your eyes before sniping you in the head while stress is a fucking bunny rabbit or a deal day.

  • I haven't actually played for night in about two years, so I have no idea whether there is a dildo skin.

  • Yeah or no.

  • Honestly, I don't think I put it past them, but yeah, this week from the gaming revolution is a bit vague, so it's unclear what he means by making it more casual.

  • Personally, I was hoping for a super tat school shooter.

  • I guess I'll have to wait until insurgency sandstorm comes out later this year on concert.

  • Anyway, that's about all I wanted to talk about today.

  • For those of you have been watching these videos for a while, you'll know that I like to ask a silly question to see who sticks around until the end.

  • So here goes.

  • If you woke up tomorrow in the body of the opposite sex, what would you do first, anyway?

Activision have left us in the dark for too long now, and we as a community must take immediate action to strike back.

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