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  • For this stunt you need some water, a plate and a piece of shell from the side of an egg.

  • Pour some water on the plate and rub it around the rim. Now place the shell on the rim and

  • it will spin around the plate. Amazing. Explain that you have hurt your thumb, and

  • then do this. In fact, you have placed a plastic cup under your elbow, and as you gently pull

  • your thumb up, crush the cup against your body.

  • Pick up a fork and show that you can magically make it stick to your left hand. When people

  • become suspicious of your right hand take it away and the fork still stays in place.

  • The secret involves carefully placing a dinner knife under your watchstrap and then supporting

  • the fork using the knife. Make a cone of paper. Cut off the end and

  • place two dots on it to create a face. Put the cone on your third finger, bend that finger

  • over and place your other hand on top. Now you can introduce your friends to your new

  • pet mouse. For extra fun, secretly place some tomato sauce on your hand, and after your

  • friends have seen your new pet, push your hands together and say 'Oh dear, I think I

  • have killed him'. Take a paper cup and magically make it levitate.

  • The secret involves making a hole in the side of the cup, and then supporting the cup on

  • your thumb. Here is an impossible looking object. To make

  • it, fold a rectangle of paper in half lengthways, open it out and fold it half widthways, and

  • finally fold each of the sides to the centre crease, so you end up with a grid like this.

  • Now cut this fold, and this one, and this one. To make the impossible shape, simply

  • fold this section over and lay the whole thing on a table.

  • Take a napkin, pretend to place some invisible thread around it and make it move by pulling

  • the thread. The secret is simple. Just push the base of the napkin with your thumb and

  • at the same time pretend the pull the thread with the other hand.

  • This stunt involves a DVD. Say you can make the DVD stick to your finger. In fact, you

  • secretly stick out your little finger underneath the DVD and support it on that.

  • Take a bread roll and bounce it on the floor. In fact, when your hand goes below the table,

  • turn it over and throw the roll into the air. Have your friend lie down on the floor and

  • cover them with a cloth. Now make some passes and they magically rise into the air. The

  • secret is obvious once you see what's going on under the cloth.

For this stunt you need some water, a plate and a piece of shell from the side of an egg.

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10 super simple party stunts

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