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  • Good luck charms and other forms of superstitious behavior

  • have been around for centuries across different countries and cultures.

  • People think that 4-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and rabbits feet bring good luck.

  • I carry around a ring that my dad gave me last year

  • when I was a freshman, it’s this gold one right here.

  • One time I didn’t have it on, I wear it every day,

  • but the week I took it off, I was in a car accident

  • and it was a really brutal car accident

  • and I was thinking what I was missing

  • and my mom told me it was probably because

  • I didn’t have the ring on and I was like oh, so I always wear it now.

  • The human brain is really a voracious

  • and often indiscriminate pattern locator.

  • Our human brain is always looking for patterns

  • between our behavior and outcomes in the environment

  • whether they are favorable or unfavorable.

  • My first pair of drum sticks I ever played on stage with.

  • We played an awesome show and it was a lot of fun,

  • and I never used them again.

  • They are like my good luck charm,

  • I always have them back stage whenever I play.

  • It fills me with great love and support

  • and reminds me that I have that special someone.

  • Yeah, I have my cross and I always wear it

  • and for me it’s my lucky charm

  • because I feel protected

  • and my grandfather that passed away gave it to me.

  • The bracelet reminds me that I’m not alone

  • and I do have people who are there for me,

  • which is kind of like luck,

  • but as far as charms are concerned

  • it helps me not forget that I do have those

  • relationships to engage in and call upon at a moment’s notice.

  • This ring my dad gave it to my mom when they were 16

  • and they divorced when I was younger

  • and my mom gave it to me and I’ve just worn it ever since.

Good luck charms and other forms of superstitious behavior

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What's your lucky charm?

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