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  • (Sound of a light bulb rolling across the floor; music plays)

  • I think there's an illusion

  • often that's put out

  • across the culture

  • that we have gender equity in the U.S.

  • I would say we have a long way to go.

  • Pay equity, reproductive rights, et cetera.

  • There's been recent attempts to sort of roll those back,

  • and I think as women we need to work

  • on making sure that those are protected,

  • and, that we actually continue to make progress.

  • Unfortunately, we still live in a patriarchal culture.

  • As women make more progress

  • and have more choices, et cetera,

  • it threatens the foundation of patriarchy.

  • When you have a society where certain norms

  • are invisible or certain patterns are invisible,

  • like the patriarchal norm of, you know,

  • men being valued more than women,

  • and you overlay that with the rhetoric of ---

  • "Ok, now you all have your rights, so it's all good."

  • --- you end up in a situation

  • where even women buy into that sort of logic of,

  • "Oh, yes, I have all the choices in the world.

  • I can do whatever."

  • Until women sort of hit the reality, that wall of reality

  • when they actually find that they're not getting paid equally.

  • When we find that more and more women are living in poverty.

  • When they find that they can't access birth control as easily,

  • or access, you know, whatever sorts of

  • reproductive rights they need to access.

  • And so, a lot of scholars have written about

  • the ways in which patriarchy sometimes shape-shifts,

  • and sort of takes on the voice of really giving women choices,

  • while they're sort of taking them away.

  • So, I think that whenever we look at movements historically,

  • you often have this pattern of two steps forward, one step back.

  • I kind of think we're in the one step back moment right now,

  • but hopefully we'll take the two steps forward again.

  • (music)

(Sound of a light bulb rolling across the floor; music plays)

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